2013 smart city really woke up and began to have w

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2013 smart city really "woke up" and began to have wisdom

this is an era of rapid development of science and technology and information. Around the world, skyscrapers have sprung up one after another, becoming another beautiful scenery on the planet. Towering buildings, speeding vehicles, the rush of people IOT, cloud computing and other information technologies have injected blood into these cities. In the car, on the roadside, at home and in every corner of the city, we will find that every city in the world seems to have its own brain, and the city becomes active, just like a person, slowly has its own thinking. This is the Urban Smart City in the eyes of the author

what is a smart city

at the Foreign Relations Council held in New York in November 2008, IBM put forward the concept of a smart earth, which triggered an upsurge in the construction of smart cities

smart city? As the name suggests, it is a city with wisdom. Relevant authorities have given definitions: the interpretation of the concept of smart city often has different emphases. Some believe that the key lies in technology application, some believe that the key lies in network construction, some believe that the key lies in people's participation, and some believe that the key to equipment autonomy, steady improvement of water safety and positive results in energy conservation and emission reduction lies in smart effect, Some leading cities in urban informatization construction emphasize people-oriented and sustainable innovation. In short, wisdom is not just intelligence. Smart city is not only another expression of smart city, or the intelligent application of information technology, but also includes human wisdom participation, people-oriented, sustainable innovation and other connotations

in my opinion, the so-called smart city is more about the breadth and depth of technology in a city. When a city develops to a certain stage, from science and technology to people's moral level and the greening degree of the city, it can be called a smart city

IBM has put forward its own vision for the development of China's cities and the world's cities in 2010. Through research, IBM believes that the city is composed of six core systems of different types of networks, infrastructure and environment related to the main functions of the city: Organization (people), business, government affairs, transportation, communication, water and energy. These systems are not scattered, but connected with each other in a collaborative way. The city itself is a macro system composed of these systems

how high is the development wave of smart city in 2013

what kind of wave will smart city develop in 2013? I believe many smart home experts have different opinions on this. However, in my opinion, 2013 will be a year for smart cities to truly show their power in China

recently, Qiu Baoxing, Vice Minister of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, revealed at the CPPCC proposal handling consultation that the Ministry of housing and urban rural development will publish the list of the second batch of smart city pilots within three months. The number of pilot cities in the second batch is 50, which is lower than that in the first batch of 90 pilot cities

among the 90 smart city pilots determined by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development at the end of January this year, there are 37 prefecture level cities, 50 districts (counties) and 3 towns, of which the second and third tier cities account for the vast majority. After years of establishment, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development will organize the evaluation of the pilot cities and evaluate the pilot cities that have passed the evaluation. The evaluation grades from low to high are one star, two stars and three stars

in less than three months, the state announced 140 pilot smart cities, opening a new wave of smart cities in China

this is a change, a great change about the city to come alive and have wisdom. People, things and science and technology are connected into a line and evolve from the environment, morality and quality as a whole

the author believes that in 2013, the so-called urban evolution theory will slowly uncover its mystery like the public with the progress of society. In this year, the development trend of smart cities in China mainly includes the following trends:

first, from the current point of view, China's pilot smart cities this year. 5. Stop the removal and replacement of mandrels, change of perspective and speed change in work are expected to exceed 200 cities, from county level to municipal level, from poor areas to rich areas. Smart cities are being nationalized

Second, the evaluation of pilot smart cities will become a symbol to measure the development of a city in 2013 or the next few years. Since 2011, various institutions and units in China have launched various similar smart city evaluation indicators to control the evaluation power in this field. In the past three years, the evaluation indicators of many institutions are only for the industry to see. In terms of specific feasibility and operability, there is rarely a set of evaluation results to test its rationality (Guomai Internet smart city research center has a strong reputation in China. It launched the first pre evaluation of China's smart city development level in 2011 and the evaluation results of China's smart city development level in 2012)

Third, the city is upgraded, and the smart city has shifted from the dispute of mode to the dispute of characteristics. In the past three years, smart city has been in the mode of talking, but this year, a series of policies implemented by the state are transforming it from talking to reality

in addition, there are many trends that may appear in 2013, so I won't list them one by one

based on the development status of China's smart city in 2012 and the research results of the national vein interconnected smart city research center, looking forward to 2013, the author believes that the smart city will really wake up and have real wisdom in 2013

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