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2013 e-commerce highlights: what is the precision of closed-loop control when Alibaba spins off JD tmall for listing

? People, the domestic e-commerce has made great achievements from the chaos in 2012 and faced 2013. However, the swords and swords are not dim, and the drum and horn contention is not far away. Several major suspenses left over in the past are likely to be revealed in turn in 2013. Yibang power hereby forecasts the five most noteworthy changes in the e-commerce industry in 2013 for reference

highlight 1: Alibaba's split chess game

Tencent e-commerce, Vanke and Alibaba have split and laid out their business groups in the past year. But Ali thinks that the separation is not complete enough. According to Ma Yun's plan, it is more appropriate to break up Alibaba into 30 subsidiaries or industrial clusters

behind the split is Ma Yun's overthrow and reconstruction of group management. Ma Yun has been in his 40s. After rethinking, his consideration for Alibaba's market is no longer large-scale growth and performance improvement, but how to make the lush ecosystem grow more reasonably and healthily, so as to ensure species diversity and independence and shape the new values of Alibaba incubator

judging from the data at the end of November 2012, the 1 trillion big Taobao transaction is only the beginning, and it may be 10 trillion or more in the future. Ali is confident to launch an attack on the physical retail field. This situation is what Ma Yun expected before and has never controlled before. In the teeth of the storm, every incident erupted and was in the whole body. From cleaning Wei Zhe to Taobao in October, moving from Alipay to Ali anti corruption Juhuasuan, there was no time not to involve Ma Yun's energy. p>

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