Liaoning Yingkou truck stunt nationwide experience

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Liaoning Yingkou truck stunt nationwide experience activity is booming

Liaoning Yingkou truck stunt nationwide experience activity is booming

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"Hello, big brother. On August 11, the Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck national truck stunt Experience Camp and a thousand big delivery activities were held in Junding automobile trade, Yingkou, Dashiqiao. There were a large number of exquisite souvenirs and powerful programs on the site, as well as 2015 sales promotion policies and service gift packages. You must come!"

organized by Shaanxi heavy duty truck Shenyang Office and undertaken by Yingkou Junding auto trade, in order to thank the new and old customers of Shaanxi heavy duty truck in Yingkou for their love for Shaanxi heavy duty truck, it is specially selected to bring you a passionate and energetic truck Drift performance in the beginning of autumn. The event invited gold partners Weichai Power, fast, Xi'an Cummins and other partners, as well as Liaoning jintianma trailer, PICC, Anbang insurance, Tian'an insurance and other cooperation units of the industrial chain. More than 300 customers and local people came to the site on the same day

two new Shaanxi Automobile m30006 × 2 Weichai 336 HP and Cummins 420 HP are the two products preferred by customers locally. Wuxinye, the captain of the on-site truck stunt team, gave a key explanation to the whole vehicle. Liangwenqiang, the marketing manager of Weichai Power, and Yu Qiang, the regional manager of Xi'an Cummins, respectively explained the advantages of assembling 336 HP and 420 HP engines. Shaanxi Automobile delongxin m30006 × 2 the tractor highlights the advantages of "low fuel consumption, fast speed and light weight", and is recognized by many car owners. In the current market downturn, choosing a good car is equivalent to buying a blue chip stock. During the test drive, customers get on the car to experience driving comfort

at present, the stunt team of Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck has performed the following performances: serpentine drift, 180 ° U-turn of the single car, 360 ° drift of the single car, "8" character can be dissolved in sulfuric acid, organic acid (such as 1% acetic acid solution) and weak acid aqueous solution drift + fixed-point tire burning, as well as the most breathtaking and visual separation performance of people and vehicles. The audience was amazed, but still had more to say

of course, customers' experience needs should be met to the greatest extent. At this time, customers who want to find a sense of weightlessness and seek stimulation scramble to get on the bus to experience the crazy feeling brought by Shaanxi Automobile Delong tractor

the display of the original spare parts of Shaanxi Automobile attracted the customers. The staff told the customers the advantages of the original spare parts in front of the booth. At the same time, it brought the "Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck advantages award-winning Q & a" and the lucky sign in lottery to the customers, and sent out X3000 pillows and M3000 dolls. The customers' enthusiasm was rising again

liuxianglie, chairman of Yingkou Junding automobile trade, proposed the unprecedented five promotion gifts for sales service in order to promote the on-site order volume of the event: ① the car price is reduced by 5000 yuan, and then a 5000 yuan fuel card is given; ② 50% discount on vehicle insurance; ③ RMB 9000 will be deducted for the trailer; ④ Service: Free 5 times of oil and 5 times of maintenance; ⑤ The tires will be reduced by 200 yuan during the event

16 cars were ordered at the event site on the same day, and more than 10 were intended to be ordered. The owner friends happily received the off-road vehicle model exclusively customized by Shaanxi Automobile. At the end of the activity, the manufacturer, dealer, owner friends and members of the truck stunt team left precious group photos

Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck has achieved the first growth rate of tractor sales in Yingkou for years, which is inseparable from the love of local users. We also wish that all owners who choose Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck can enter the Forbes rich list


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