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The completion of all the preparations in the early stage is only the first step of the Long March, and the real highlight is still to come. Those beautiful renderings on the drawings still need to go through a long and difficult process to realize

the completion of various preparations in the early stage is only the first step of the Long March, and the real highlight is still to come. Those beautiful renderings on the drawings still need to go through a long and difficult process to realize. In the eyes of many people, decoration is a troublesome thing, especially the frequent occurrence of disputes, which makes consumers always have such concerns when facing decoration. The reporter interviewed many owners who have been decorated, are being decorated and have decoration plans. Their concerns are surprisingly consistent. Environmental protection, quality and service have become the three "soft spots" in decoration

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key words environmental protection decoration house, environmental protection issues bear the brunt. With the increasing improvement of the quality of life, the concept of "green environmental protection, healthy home" is being practiced by more and more consumers. Green and healthy life has become a fashionable topic of modern people's home life. In order to create a green and environmentally friendly home environment, we must pay attention to several points:

materials are the fundamental decoration materials are the main source of harmful substances in the indoor air. Without environmental protection of materials, there will be no environmental protection of air quality after decoration. Consumers should strictly control materials and fundamentally eliminate pollution sources

but can environmental protection of materials guarantee environmental protection of home? Not necessarily. Some owners have decorated their houses with environmentally friendly building materials, which also smells bad. Facts show that using a large number of qualified plates in a small space will still aggravate air pollution. This is due to the superposition of pollutants in the limited space of the room. Therefore, the selection of materials should not be too much, especially man-made panels

there is another misunderstanding: no taste does not mean no poison. Many harmful gases are colorless and tasteless, and volatilize very slowly, so some rooms have been in for many years, but the content of harmful gases still exceeds the standard. In the interview, some owners proudly told reporters that because they sprayed deodorant and placed a lot of green plants, the house was basically tasteless. In fact, they don't know that deodorant is actually looking for a strong oxidant to oxidize the organic matter in the air, which is very harmful to human body, and the absorption of harmful gases by plants is very limited

construction is critical. Environmental protection building materials also need to be installed green to prevent secondary pollution. Therefore, it is very important to select excellent construction teams. Because the nonstandard and nonstandard construction has a crucial impact on the air quality after decoration, such as no paint sealing treatment on the inner and outer surfaces of wood products, no closing treatment on the outer edges, and no ventilation during construction, which can lead to or aggravate air pollution

contracts should restrict more and more consumers, requiring home decoration companies to include contract terms related to indoor environment in the supplementary terms of the contract, so that environmental protection commitments can be based on. If necessary, relevant authorities can be contacted for testing

keyword 2 quality in the view of many owners, the biggest problem is that the decoration quality cannot be guaranteed. Many people complain that no matter how they stare at the decoration team, there will still be quality problems. In fact, after the start of home decoration, the owner does not need to go to the site every day for inspection. Grasping several key points can reduce many quality problems that are difficult to repair in the future

to ensure the commencement conditions, the biggest task of the owner is to coordinate before the commencement to ensure that the construction site meets the commencement conditions, including the supply of water and electricity. In addition, the construction site should be emptied as much as possible to avoid affecting the project due to the restrictions of the construction site

mastering the quality of materials decoration materials is an important link that affects the decoration construction. The quality of materials is an important reason for engineering quality problems, which plays a decisive role in the decoration quality. When choosing a regular home decoration company, we must pay attention to the brand price of materials, and the incoming inspection procedures of materials should be careful to avoid the phenomenon of shoddy goods as good ones. If it is an informal company or guerrilla material problem, we need to pay more attention

do a good job in the acceptance of concealed works. Pay more attention to the acceptance of concealed works, whether in progress or after completion, measurement and acceptance should be carried out to avoid leaving hidden dangers. Concealed works mainly include the reconstruction of waterways and circuits, the treatment of waterproof layers, the framework and lining of furniture and woodwork, etc

engineering change should be "contracted". During construction, the modification and project change of the project should be written in words on the change order of the contract, and can be carried out only after both parties sign and confirm. In order to save time, some owners verbally explain the increased projects directly to the foreman. When the project is completed, there is no way, even if they are not satisfied, because this is not a budget project, and the consequences can only be borne by themselves

the phenomenon of "opening low and going high" in the budget of three services home decoration has always been one of the hot spots that have triggered home decoration disputes. "There is no turning back". As long as the project starts, consumers will gradually lose control of the funds. Relatively speaking, home decoration companies and designers play a decisive role in the final cost

more and more consumers gradually realize that no matter how hard they try, decoration projects will always have quality problems more or less, and it is difficult for home decoration companies to achieve zero defects in the project. Therefore, after-sales service is also valued in the increasingly mature consumer psychology of consumers

to ensure good service, we need to start with two points:

choose brand home decoration companies. Most brand home decoration companies attach relatively great importance to after-sales service. According to a well-known home decoration company in Beijing, the competition in the home decoration industry is becoming increasingly fierce. As a regular force in the market, after playing billboards, price cards and quality cards, it is necessary to choose service cards to establish after-sales service files for each customer, so that they can have no worries

contract constraints because many after-sales service disputes are caused by the ambiguity of the contract, both parties to the contract must understand the contents of the contract before signing the contract. Consumers should not sign the contract without fully understanding it. After signing the contract, both parties must strictly implement it. If one party breaches the contract, it can be settled through negotiation with the other party; If they fail, they can go to court

it's not difficult to say that home decoration is difficult. As long as we grasp these three keywords, we can achieve smooth decoration and secure occupancy





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