The new canvas cavenci shows retro feelings

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The perfect integration of retro and modern, and the pursuit of fashion trends, this is the special charm of "kvins"

"retro is like a woman's little black dress, classic and versatile. Industry is a man's rough pipe, which is very symbolic but not fancy. The retro softness adds a literary temperament to the space, and the combination reaction with the ruggedness of industry exudes a fascinating attitude."

"keyvins" is an industrial style product that combines retro and modern and pursues a fashionable lifestyle

canvas takes the metal minerals in nature as the design inspiration, from which the designer draws essence elements, and combines special artistic techniques to create interesting, vivid and free-ranging wall products

the appearance of metallic matte texture makes the wallpaper glow in different light

modern metal texture, streamlined light sense ripple, splash ink art presentation, cement gray tone process, and some wood and iron texture, etc., are retro and antique, comprehensively and concretely presenting the unique temperament of the industrial age and imprinting the traces of the age

the color is bold and strong. Elements such as malachite blue, phantom black, Pompeii red, yellow khaki, high-grade gray, metal brown, turquoise green, matte white, and grayish brown fill the whole wall, creating an amazing artistic three-dimensional effect

the perfect integration of retro and modern, and the pursuit of fashion trends, which is the special charm of "kvins"

match with metal furniture, dark leather sofa, etc. to create a free and unique home environment




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