Although Finland is a big paper producer, waste pa

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Finland: although it is a large paper producer, waste paper recycling is still being paid close attention to.

according to the statistics released by the Finnish waste paper recycling company on the 8th, the national waste paper recycling rate in Finland reached 74% last year, and nearly 740000 tons of waste paper were recycled, setting a record that the strategic focus of the domestic waste paper company, which greatly exceeds the global demand, is to continue to expand and strengthen the main business of spandex. Compared with 2000, the recovery rate and amount of waste paper increased by 7% and 1% respectively

Finland is rich in forest resources, so it is the main paper producer in the world. Last year, the paper production reached 12.5 million tons, of which more than 90% were exported. Just like the protection and rational use of its rich forest resources, Finland has always focused on the United States to reduce the demand for energy by 20 (2) 5% depending on the recycling and utilization of waste paper. Classified garbage bins are set in residential areas and shopping malls in all towns. Residents consciously send old newspapers, magazines, advertisements and waste cardboard to designated recycling points free of charge. Last year, Finland's per capita waste paper recycling reached 143 kg, ranking among the best in the world

of the waste paper and paperboard recovered last year, 40% were used to produce paperboard products, 36% were used to produce paper, and 21% were used to produce various soft papers. Among the raw materials used in the production of paper and paperboard in Finland, the proportion of recycled waste paper accounts for 5.6%

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