Alstom will build a hydropower Global Technology C

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Alstom will build a global technology center for hydropower recently, Alstom group's business unit in charge of renewable energy power generation equipment and services plans to establish a global technology center in Tianjin to support the development of its hydropower business in China and overseas markets

strengthen research on forward-looking, strategic and long-term issues with the addition of the global technology center, Alstom hydro China will become an entity with a complete value system, covering R & D, sales and marketing, engineering design, procurement, manufacturing, project management, installation and maintenance and services

it is reported that the global technology center in Tianjin will carry out product development on a unified general platform, which is shared by Alstom hydropower if the oil delivery valve of the experimental tooth destroyer is fixed in all global R & D. Through effective international cooperation and the support of technology centers from more than 100 countries and regions, the global technology center in Tianjin can better meet the needs of China and the global market and improve local R & D capabilities

this new global technology center has a number of international experts and skilled local engineers, and has started corresponding R & D activities, including hydraulic, mechanical and electrical research, as well as model tests of hydraulic turbines. The center has laboratories including hydraulic test bench, which are mainly used for model tests of Francis and axial-flow turbines. The laboratory is planned to be put into operation in the summer of 2013

pekos, President of Alstom renewable energy business and executive vice president of Alstom, believes that this move will accelerate the improvement of local competitiveness and R & D capability, bring the most advanced technology to local customers, and support the development of clean energy in China and the global market

Alstom is a leading supplier in the field of hydropower equipment and systems in China, with about 20% of the large hydropower market share. Since the establishment of Tianjin Alstom Hydropower Equipment Co., Ltd., the first manufacturing base in China, 17 years ago, the group has been committed to supporting the development of China's hydropower industry, such as providing 14 sets of 700 MW units for the Three Gorges Project. In addition, the group has designed, manufactured and installed 800 MW water turbine generator units for Xiangjiaba Hydropower Station, which is the largest water turbine generator unit in the world designed and manufactured so far

Alstom group has more than 92000 employees in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. In the fiscal year 2011/12, the sales volume reached 20billion euros, and the order amount was nearly 22billion euros. When deformation or aging (cracks) occurred. In China, the group has 10000 employees, of which 2000 are engaged in hydropower business

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