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Allowable deviation of steel crane beam installation

the allowable result of steel crane beam installation shows that the support has the allowable deviation of supporting cell adsorption (mm)

beam midspan perpendicularity: h/500

lateral bending sagittal height: l/1500 and shall not be greater than 10.0

vertical upper arch rise: 10.0

displacement of support center at both ends:

1. When installed on the steel column, the offset to bracket center: 5.0

2. When installed on the concrete column, the offset of positioning axis: 5.0

deviation between the center of the crane beam bearing stiffener and the column bearing stiffener: t/2

height difference of top surface of crane beam with the same cross section in the same span:

1 At the support: 10.0

2. Others: 15.0

3. It is recommended to select products with the same cross pair in the same span that generate heat in the experiment. The carbonization temperature of common MOF materials should exceed 500 ℃ and be greater than 10% of the height difference of the bottom surface of the hanging crane beam under the section: 10.0

4. The height difference of the top surface of the crane beam between two adjacent columns in the same column: l/1500, and it is not large (2) in the yield stage, when the stress exceeds the elastic limit and reaches the zigzag curve, it is 10.0

joint of two adjacent crane beams:

1 Center dislocation: 3.0

2. Height difference of deck top surface: 1.0

3. Height difference of through type top surface: 1.0

center span of crane beam of any section between the same span: ± 10.0

deviation of track center from the axis of crane beam web: t/2

this standard is extracted from the national standard of the people's Republic of China GB code for acceptance of construction quality of steel structures

deviation requirements for track installation

position deviation of track centerline ≤± 5mm

elevation difference of track top surface ≤± 5mm

distance deviation between center lines of two tracks ≤± 5mm

the relative elevation difference between the top surfaces of the two tracks is ≤ 10mm at the column and ≤ 15mm at other places

this standard is extracted from the national general industrial plant structural member standard atlas g-325 crane rail connection (end)

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