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The preparations for the 7th Shandong Jinan spring sugar and Wine Fair 2013 are progressing steadily. The 7th sugar and Wine Fair will be held in the beautiful spring city of Jinan from May 24 to 26. At present, the preparations for the exhibition are in full swing. From the perspective of overall planning, the volume of this sugar and Wine Fair will continue to maintain the previous level

this exhibition was set up in Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center, with a total area of about 100000 square meters, equivalent to more than 1500 international standard booths, especially in the external wall insulation system. The sugar and wine exhibition area of this year will carry out professional branch hall and zoning planning according to eight categories, including wine and international liquor hall, liquor hall, comprehensive hall, food and beverage hall, food hall, condiment hall, food machinery hall and packaging exhibition area

enterprises are actively participating in the exhibition, booth sales are hot, and in progress exhibition consultation

the bidding of this exhibition is shown in Figure 8. The exhibition work is progressing smoothly. Up to now, Baijiu enterprises such as Dong liquor, Fen Liquor, Jiugui Liquor, Xifeng Liquor, Dukang liquor and Fumao liquor, wine production and operation enterprises, flavoring enterprises such as Fufeng flavor industry and Zilin vinegar industry, and other beverage and dairy enterprises have participated in the exhibition, and the booth sales are nearing the end

the work focus of the organizing committee has gradually shifted from early planning and booth sales to exhibition arrangement and on-site work

the organizing committee has taken a variety of measures to improve the service quality

in combination with the experience of previous sessions and the actual needs of this session, the organizing committee, in the planning and specific operation of the exhibition, has focused on the review methods of exhibitors' participation qualifications, the materials and construction of simple and special booths, and the proportion of booths in different forms, Compared with previous sessions, many new adjustments have been made to improve the quality of supporting value-added services. For example, the admittance standards for the exhibitors of the sugar and Wine Fair will be more strict. The exhibitors must prepare the legal and valid business license or the relevant legal documents of the unit registration, as well as the production license of the exhibits, the inspection report within half a year, the inspection and quarantine certificate of Inbound Goods and other materials before they can be allowed to participate in the fair, so as to prevent the mixing of counterfeit and shoddy products and products with food safety risks to the greatest extent; The zoning of the exhibition hall will be more scientific and humanized. The number will be directly marked on the carpet of the corridor to facilitate the audience to watch the exhibition; Class A, B and c simple special booths of wine and international liquor house have been further upgraded in terms of materials and design style. At the same time, professional equipment such as wine glass, ice bucket and wine spitting bucket are equipped according to internationally accepted standards, and wine glass cleaning and replacement services are provided; In addition, the organizing committee also set up bilingual signs in the venue, such as Chinese and English signboards, to maximize the convenience of more and more foreign exhibitors and professional visitors

exhibitors and visitors should pre register in advance

at present, the work focus of the organizing committee has gradually shifted from early planning, booth sales, etc. 2. The long-term use temperature (8.0-2.60 ℃) to exhibition arrangement and on-site work. The organizing committee reminded the exhibitors to carefully read the exhibitors' manual, strictly abide by the exhibition area management measures, properly arrange the time, and do a good job in safety work such as construction management, fire prevention, and goods custody. Professional visitors who plan to visit, purchase and negotiate cooperation in the sugar and wine fair should also log in to the professional visitor management system of the sugar and Wine Fair in advance for pre registration, so as to obtain the visiting qualification as soon as possible. During the conference, the organizing committee will also conduct a questionnaire survey for exhibitors and professional visitors to listen to the opinions of all parties, improve the shortcomings of the exhibition and make the sugar and wine fair better and better

source: Organizing Committee of sugar and Wine Fair

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