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Comprehensive interpretation of PS edition (III)

(VI) development history of domestic PS edition from the 1970s to the 1990s, when China's PS edition production grew slowly, the national output increased from hundreds of thousands of square meters per year to 10million square meters per year, which was not a small increase, but it could not catch up with the growth of printing demand for PS edition in the same period. From 1990s to 2000, PS edition industry developed rapidly. In 1999, the national PS version output was 43.4776 million square meters; In 2000, the output reached 5072000 square meters. The sales volume in these two years was 41.6432 million square meters and 49.018 million square meters respectively, indicating that the PS version produced was basically sold and there was not much inventory. In the following year, the output increased by 15.16% and the sales increased by 17.7%, balancing supply and demand. Now the production capacity of PS version in China is still competent. However, compared with the internationally advanced PS plate manufacturing enterprises, our production is more scattered. The largest PS version enterprise in the world has an annual output of nearly 100 million square meters, and our more than 50million square meters to meet the measurement requirements of different experimental loads are jointly completed by 32 manufacturers

at present, the application of PS version in developed countries is gradually shrinking, and the printing amount of CTP has reached 40-60% of the offset printing amount. As of last September, China had 246 sets of CTP equipment. In one year, 100 sets were added, which is also the fastest growing year in recent years. This year, the international aluminum price continues to rise without falling. Although the construction scale of domestic PS version new line is less than before, it is still repeated at the original level. Although several varieties of domestic CTP plates are also listed, the sales volume is limited. Therefore, the PS version manufacturing industry is currently in a difficult period with huge development opportunities

(VII) the current situation of PS version in the domestic market

offset printing plates in China have been further developed, which is reflected in the new increase in the production and sales of the traditional PS version and the new growth in the number of production lines. CTP version has been transferred from laboratory research stage to mass production stage. It presents a good situation of vigorous development of offset plates

(1) production and sales:

according to the statistics of 32 PS plate factories nationwide by the printing equipment branch, the total output of PS plate last year was 93.32 million square meters, and the total sales volume was 90.46 million square meters. The annual sales volume increased by more than 16% for five consecutive years

ps version output growth rate is the highest in, with a growth rate of more than 30%. Last year, compared with the previous year, the production growth rate was 16.65%. On the surface, it seems that the growth is not large. In fact, the absolute value of the growth is 13.32 million square meters, and the quantity is still considerable

in the sales market, although the inventory of each factory is small, the competition is actually very fierce. On the surface, the sales price is declining. Even though the current aluminum plate is rising again and again, the sales price of PS version still can not go up. The profit margin of the enterprise has declined

it is gratifying that there has been a certain increase in export. In 2002, the export volume reached 4.25 million square meters. In 2003, the export volume increased again, reaching 7.17 million square meters, and the export growth rate reached 68% (excluding the volume of connected trade)

(2) PS version production lines

at present, there are more than 30 medium-sized and above manufacturers in China during ps2014's visit to Europe, and there are about 50 reel type PS version production lines. It seems that the number of new manufacturers has not increased. However, the new PS version production line has developed rapidly. Last year, it reached more than ten. These ten lines are basically increased by the original manufacturers to expand their production. It is worth noting that the speed of new production lines is generally more than 10 m/min, including one 60 m/min production line, two 30 m/min production lines and one 25 m/min production line. In addition to the above four production lines, most of the other six production lines are distributed in some old factories. Most of these newly added production lines were under commissioning last year and have not yet formed a new production capacity. Therefore, it shows that the production increase of last year is not as good as that of the previous year. However, these new production lines will have a great impact on this year and this year. Therefore, at present, the PS version enterprises are trying to expand their scale, which indicates that a new round of competition has begun

(3) in terms of manufacturing technology and product quality

the quality of PS version has been greatly improved over the past few years. The vast majority of users are satisfied with the quality of domestic PS version, and there are few changes due to quality problems in the sales process. While trying to stabilize product quality, many manufacturers also further study and improve the performance of PS version. For example, to improve the photosensitive speed of printing plate, to increase the tolerance of development, and to seriously improve the product quality is the key to enhance the printing plate's printing resistance. It shows that all units are developing in the direction of increasing the popularity of enterprises by developing new technologies and striving for a larger market share by improving quality, which is a great progress

in terms of manufacturing methods, the overall manufacturing level of many PS version manufacturers has been greatly improved. Such as: adding roll changing and plate receiving devices without shutdown, automatic adjustment of solution concentration in the process, automatic constant temperature, etc. In terms of the new process, some manufacturers have also added the process of spraying the air guide layer on the wool surface, and the color difference changes after exposure, making the printing operation more scientific and simple. In general, the equipment and manufacturing technology are becoming more and more perfect, reducing the gap with the international advanced level. The quality is more stable and reliable, and closer to the products of world-famous brands

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