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Allnex, the global leader in coating and resin industry, invested US $300million in Dushan Port

allnex, the global leader in coating and resin industry, invested US $300million in Dushan Port

, Fuguoquan, Mu Yunan and other relevant leaders of Dushan Port Economic Development Zone, Miguel mantas, Global CEO of Zhanxin resin, zouyi, vice president of resin business development, and others attended the signing ceremony

signing ceremony

the project is the first German funded project in Jiaxing with a total investment of US $300million. The investor is Zhanxin resin group of Germany. It plans to build a high-performance industrial resin with an annual output of 200000 tons. The annual output value of the project is more than 4billion yuan after the project reaches the production capacity. The project is planned to be implemented in two phases. The total investment of phase I project is about 180million US dollars. The planned construction - eccoh halogen-free formula: it has the characteristics of high flame retardancy, low toxicity and low smoke density; The high-performance industrial resin project with an annual output of 100000 tons is applied to the fields including high-speed rail, automobile, electronic products, ships, tires, household appliances, furniture, etc., with an annual output value of more than 2.5 billion yuan and a tax revenue of more than 200million yuan

The signing ceremony was presided over by Vice Mayor qianyongbiao. Mr. zouyi, vice president of resin business development of Zhanxin group, introduced the basic information of Zhanxin group and Dushan Port project. Fuguoquan, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the Management Committee of Dushan Port Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang, and Miguel, CEO of Zhanxin global. Mantas signed the investment agreement

Miguel mantas

Miguel, CEO of Zhanxin global. Mantas said that China, as one of the emerging economies, has been the focus of Zhanxin's strategic development in recent years. Zhanxin group highly recognizes its superior geographical location, traffic conditions, economic foundation and investment environment. The project in Dushan Port is an important investment of Zhanxin group in China and even the world. It is a milestone for Zhanxin group's future development. With a new design concept, Adopt international advanced digital and intelligent platform for production, build an intelligent, efficient, green and environmental friendly global resin industry demonstration plant, and make positive contributions to local economic and social development with a high sense of society

zhongxudong said that the channel size of Zhanxin detector should match the product size. The successful settlement of the project will surely inject new impetus and promote new development for Pinghu and Dushan Port to speed up the development of new material industry, and create an industrial park of "ten thousand mu and one hundred billion yuan". Pinghu will fully support the project construction, provide the highest quality and most satisfactory service for the project, and create a good development environment for the enterprise. At the same time, it is also hoped that Zhanxin resin group will effectively promote the project construction and make the project a benchmark, leading and demonstration project for the development of Pinghu new material industry

qihailong, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, and Miguel, Global CEO of Zhanxin resin. Mantas presents gifts to each other

2. About allnex Zhanxin

Zhanxin is a leading manufacturer of coating resins and additives in the world, with an annual sales of more than 2.1 billion euros, providing resin raw materials for coatings and inks for construction, industry, corrosion protection and other special purposes. Zhanxin is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, with 33 manufacturing plants and 23 technology R & D centers worldwide. As a pioneer in the field of special chemicals, Zhan is famous for specialized, wide-ranging and high-quality products, including innovative liquid resins and additives applied to metal, plastic and other material surfaces, uv/eb curing coating resins and additives, powder coating resins and additives, and crosslinking agents

3. Extended reading

Dushan Port Economic Development Zone made a good start in attracting investment

2018, Dushan Port Economic Development Zone made a historic breakthrough in attracting investment. The contracted foreign capital exceeded US $200million for the first time, and the actual foreign capital exceeded US $100million for the first time. BASF projects from Germany, one of the world's top 500 companies, were introduced, and the total amount of investment attracted ranked first in the city for the first time

2019, we will regain confidence, strive to be the pacesetter of high-quality development, strive to be the first to create excellence and pursue dreams. The signing of Zhanjiang new project has taken a big step for our district to make a good start in the first quarter

since this year, Dushan Port Economic Development Zone has signed 5 projects, including 2 foreign-funded projects, with a total investment of 319million US dollars and a registered capital of 115million US dollars; Three domestic funded projects, with a total investment of 6.235 billion yuan and a registered capital of 1.51 billion yuan. Among them, Suning Tesco, the world's top 500 and smart retail giant, Gaoqi group, the world's leading automobile shift ball joint enterprise, and allnex group, the world's leading paint resin industry, have been introduced, with a total investment of more than 5billion yuan and a total investment of 300million dollars

therefore, it is an active choice to close some mines and divert relevant personnel

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