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Summary of adjustment of beer labeling machine

with the development of society and the continuous improvement of consumption level, consumers' external requirements for bottled drinks are also constantly improving. Labeling machine is the main equipment of beer filling production line. It plays a key role in the outer packaging of beer production process. Through the author's years of experience in the actual maintenance of the labeling machine and in-depth analysis of the labeling principle, this paper summarizes the adjustment of the labeling machine, hoping to be helpful to the operators of the labeling machine

1. Adjustment of bottle inlet star wheel, bottle outlet star wheel and bottle inlet screw rod

(1) when adjusting the bottle inlet and outlet star wheels and bottle inlet screw rod, the bottle pressing head of the standard machine shall prevail. First, adjust the bottle feeding star wheel so that the limited financial resources can be invested in other places that are more needed. When the bottle pressing head just overwhelms the bottle, adjust the bottle feeding star wheel so that the bottle is located in the middle of the star wheel groove

(2) adjustment of bottle feeding screw rod: subject to the bottle feeding star wheel, when the bottle is in the middle of the bottle feeding star wheel groove, adjust the screw rod so that the bottle feeding side of the screw rod is close to the bottle without displacement

(3) adjustment of bottle outlet star wheel: when the bottle pressing head has just been raised, adjust the star wheel so that the bottle is located in the middle of the groove of the star wheel

2. Adjustment of the label box

(1) the center line of the label box, the center axis of the label station is tangent to the label paper, and the center axis of the label plate forms a line at three points. Adjust the tangent between the label plate and the label paper (0 distance), and then move the label box closer to 1mm ~ 2mm

(2) the gap between the label paper in the label box and the strip on both sides should be between 0.8mm~1mm. Too large gap will cause the label paper to shift in the label box, and there will be oblique marks. Too small gap will cause poor mark pushing

(3) adjustment of the position of the label box grab hook: if the up and down, left and right grab hooks travel too much on the same vertical moving beam on the straight plane and work evenly on the label paper, the cost will drop and the label can be grabbed smoothly

(4) adjustment of label supply roller: when there is no label, the label pressing plate can be pressed to the front end of the label box, and when the label is installed, the label near the label hook finger cannot be crushed

3. Adjustment of the brush pressing device

(1) the center of the marking brush is aligned with the label and both sides are symmetrical

(2) the marking brush is perpendicular to the surface of the container

(3) the overlapping gap of the pressure brush sweeping the container is: 10mm ~ 15mm for a single pressure brush and 5mm ~ 10mm for a combined pressure brush

(4) the distance between the cleaning brush and the sponge is 1mm ~ 2mm

4. Adjustment of bottle pressing head

the bottle pressing head should be 20mm lower when there is no bottle than when there is a bottle

5. Adjustment of standard station

(1) adjustment of rubber scraper and rubber roller: there should be no gap between rubber scraper and rubber roller in the whole length. If there is a gap, the rubber scraper can be adjusted by adjusting eccentric bolts

(2) adjustment of rubber roller and standard plate: the standard plate and rubber roller are only in contact with each other without any pressure. The gap is too large, and there is too much glue on the standard plate, resulting in glue throwing. If the gap is too small and the contact is too tight, the glue will be squeezed away, and there is no glue on the half of the standard plate. Practice has proved that the best gap between the standard plate and the rubber roller is 0.1mm ~ 0.2mm. It can be achieved by adjusting the bearing seat at the lower part of the cot. if necessary, adjust the bearing at the upper part of the cot

6. Adjustment of the marker

(1) adjustment of the gripper finger: the gripper finger must be parallel to the gripper finger pad, not beyond the edge of the gripper finger pad and flush with the edge of the gripper finger pad. The clamping finger must be in a horizontal position and in the center of the groove of the standard plate. The size of the clip finger clip mark is: the body mark is not less than 5mm, and the aluminum foil mark is not less than 7mm. It is necessary to ensure that the body mark and the center line of the head mark are in a straight line after taking the mark

(2) adjustment of gripper finger tension: when the gripper finger of the marker is clamping the strip (the mark cannot be pulled out), the gripper finger cannot exceed the strip and should be flush with the strip. The size of guide wheel and cam: the body mark is 13mm, and the head mark is 22mm or 28mm. The fingers on each shaft shall be evenly pressed on the finger pads at the same time

(3) adjustment of finger clip pad: the finger clip pad should be parallel to the standard palm, and the gap between the body standard finger clip pad and the standard palm is 1.0mm ~ 1.5mm. When sticking the aluminum foil label, the gap between the finger clamping pad and the label palm should be less than 1mm. Adjustment: continue to walk slowly until the center of the turret and the front edge of the marking paper are in the same line with the center of the marker. Manually rotate the marker in the opposite direction of operation until the finger clamping pad accurately reaches 4mm ~ 5mm, so that the end gap between the marker plate and the finger clamping pad can be small. At this time, loosen the connecting bolts of the clamp finger cushion strip and adjust it according to the following methods: the clamp finger cushion strip is parallel to the standard plate, and the gap between the clamp finger cushion strip and the standard plate is kept at 1mm. Yaming said to adjust other clamp finger cushion strips in the same way

(4) adjustment of the sponge of the marker: the sponge slope should be installed on the side of the finger clamp strip. The width of the sponge should be less than the size of the standard paper, and the height should be greater than the size of the standard paper. The thickness of the sponge shall not exceed the height of the finger clip pad and shall not be tangent to the standard palm. The center line of the marking paper should be in the same line with the center line of the sponge after the label is clamped by the finger of the marker

(5) adjustment of sponge pressure: when the container, the marker shaft and the central axis of the machine head become a straight line, adjust the cross slide until the sponge is pressed into about 10mm (body mark) and the head mark is pressed into 4mm ~ 5mm

(6) adjustment of pinch finger closing point:

① the turret center of the standard plate, the edge of the standard plate and the axis of the standard reader are in the same straight line, the pinch finger pad reaches 4mm ~ 5mm, the pinch finger pad is parallel to the standard plate and the gap with the standard plate is about 1mm

② in this position, the clamping finger should be closed without any tension, and the guide wheel is located at the convex part of the cam

③ if this is not the case, readjust the marker, remove the cover plate, loosen the hexagon socket bolt, turn the closing cam until the clamping finger correctly contacts the clamping finger cushion strip, retighten the bolt of the closing cam, and mark the closing position

(7) adjustment of gripper finger opening point:

① when the center of the machine, the center of the container, the center of the label and the center of the marker shaft become a straight line, the gripper finger opens

② jog the machine until the above points are aligned, loosen the hexagon socket bolt, turn and open the cam until the clamping finger is opened to the maximum position, and then the guide wheel is in the concave part of the cam

③ during this operation, ensure that the back end of the closing cam and the front end of the opening cam are directly in the up and down position

④ keep the "open cam at this position, adjust the close cam to the previous mark, and tighten the hexagon socket bolt". (end)

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