Adjustment method of the hottest paper bursting ma

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Adjustment method of paper bursting machine

adjustment method of paper bursting machine

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I. the test value is inaccurate or too small

the main reason is that the air in the oil cylinder is not eliminated completely, blocking the rise of oil pressure. The solutions are as follows:

1. Unscrew the oil cup bolt

2. Gently press the rubber film for a few times. If there is air, bubbles will appear from the oil cup

3. Press and hold the rubber film for about ten seconds. After the air is exhausted, tighten the bolts

4. If the above three points cannot reach the ideal state, you can click the reset button, wait for 5 ~ 10 seconds, wait for the machine to automatically back pressure, then open the oil cup bolt, wait until the rubber film automatically bulges, and click the test button repeatedly to remove the air

II. The cardboard with a slightly thicker thickness is less broken.

generally, KD series rupture strength testing machine has a large proportion of breakpoints set inside the system when it leaves the factory, which is suitable for most manufacturers. If the tested cardboard is thick, it can be adjusted by the following methods:

the solution is as follows:

1. Turn off the power switch of the machine

2. Start the machine power switch, press and hold the setting key at the same time, and enter the system setting interface

3. On the time setting page displayed on the first page, the setting key is the shift function, the print key is the increase value, the peak key is the confirmation function, and no oil flows out of the return pipe of the next oil delivery valve

4. The second interface is the time setting page. Click the peak value key to enter the third page, that is, the breakpoint proportion setting page

5. Generally, for paper objects after 20kg, the breakpoint proportion can be adjusted to 80 to meet the breaking requirements. The smaller the breakpoint proportion is, the larger the breaking value grabbed by the sensor is, the larger the breakpoint ratio is, the smaller the sensor grabs, Therefore, when we require that the cardboard is thick, we can adjust the breakpoint ratio to about 60. However, we remind our customers not to adjust the breakpoint ratio too small, which will reduce the service life of the rubber film of the two models of rubber melt gear pump extruders xcp150/100 and xcp120/90 jointly developed

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