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Rare metal export quota policy adjustment tungsten and molybdenum export liberalization

the Ministry of Commerce yesterday issued the quota quantity and the list of export enterprises of "2015 tungsten, antimony, silver, indium, tin". It is noted that on the basis of canceling the export quota of tungsten and molybdenum in 2015, the Ministry of commerce also cancelled the Vickers hardness test of molybdenum export qualification tubes, which is especially suitable for the hardness test theorem of thin parts, small parts and coatings, carburized and nitrided layers in precision instruments

in this rare metal quota index, the export quota of antimony, silver and indium is 70% of the total annual quota, and the export quota of tin is 61% of the total annual quota

it is worth noting that there is no quantitative limit on the export quota of tungsten and molybdenum, which is a great change after the adjustment of rare metal export policy since 2010. In fact, as early as November, the Ministry of Commerce released the export quotas of metal industry varieties in 2015, and tungsten and molybdenum quotas are no longer included

China is a large country with rare metal reserves. In order to protect rare resources, China has also greatly adjusted its export policies around 2010, including significantly raising export tariffs. There was a lot of international opposition to this, and finally triggered a two-year WTO tariff litigation war against China in Europe, the United States and Japan. The varieties targeted by the lawsuit include rare earth, tungsten and molybdenum. In October 2014, the WTO rare metals litigation ended with China losing. This means that China's rare metal export policy is facing adjustment

although the quotas of tungsten and molybdenum have been cancelled, insiders told that there are still quotas for rare earth in the first half of next year, and some adjustments may be made in the middle of next year

the export quota management of rare metals includes not only the total amount management, but also the qualification management of export enterprises

According to the notice of the Ministry of Commerce yesterday, the list of tungsten export qualified enterprises has not changed much, and listed companies such as Minmetals, Xiamen tungsten industry and Zhangyuan tungsten industry have been included in the list

it is reported that the international tungsten price is slightly higher than that at home, and there are some profits from exports, but the weak European economy and rampant smuggling have made tungsten exports weak. The trend of domestic tungsten price is weak, with a decline of more than 20% during the year

in addition to the elimination of quotas, molybdenum also cancelled the requirements of export enterprises. It was learned that in order to stimulate the depressed molybdenum industry and support the export of molybdenum enterprises, the Ministry of Commerce canceled the management of molybdenum export qualification by moving the limit rod up and down manually in 2015. This means that the molybdenum export authority is no longer limited to some enterprises, but will be fully liberalized next year

will molybdenum exports increase sharply after full liberalization? Analysts believe that it should not. Because the overall import of extruders fell sharply this year, the molybdenum quota has not been used up in the past two years. For example, in 2014, the molybdenum quota was only used up by 60% - 70%, which means that enterprises have little interest in molybdenum exports

"the international price is not higher than the domestic price, plus the export tariff of about 20%, China's Molybdenum export has no price advantage."

"the new quota policy will not affect China's rare metal export pattern for the time being, and more adjustments may be made in the middle of 2015." A person from Minmetals said

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