Adjustment of the hottest reverberation intensity

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Adjustment of reverberation intensity

after the reverberation time TM is adjusted, the reverberation sound level should be adjusted according to the sound source. Because even if the reverberation time is very long, if the level of reverberation sound is very small, people can't detect the existence of reverberation sound. Therefore, the reverberation intensity Rev should be adjusted according to different sound source states

there are several aspects of the adjustment of reverberation intensity that should be paid attention to:

1. The reverberation intensity should be in direct proportion to the frequency

the higher the frequency, the greater the loss in the transmission process of the sound in a sound field except for the influence of the uneven jaw. Therefore, if the frequency of the sound is relatively high, the reverberation intensity Rev should be adjusted higher. For example, when a female singer performs reverberation processing on her singing, the amplitude of her reverberation intensity Rev should be adjusted larger; When a male singer sings, because the pitch of the male voice is 8 degrees higher than that of the female voice, that is, one signal frequency difference, the reverberation intensity rev of the male voice is correspondingly smaller than that of the female voice. Turkey implements the cabinet system headed by the prime minister. If the male voice songs are also tuned larger, it is easy to produce the phenomenon of muddy singing

2. The reverberation intensity of fast-paced songs should be adjusted less

there are one or two thousand songs for people to sing in the song and dance hall. Many of them are lively, cheerful and bright songs, such as the Indian song "giri" and the Romanian song "Jingyan girl", which have a fast rhythm, so the time between lyrics is very short. If the reverberation intensity Rev is adjusted too high, the first word of the lyrics is still in the reverberation process, and the second word of the lyrics is spit out again, then the tail of the first word will be pressed over the second word, and the lyrics will be muddy. If it is a slow-paced song, such as "come back in the past", "a thousand miles of the moon sent Acacia" and other lyrical songs, its characteristics are relatively slow, deep, slow rhythm, more long tones. If the long tone has no reverberation, it will appear very "white", tasteless and dry. Therefore, the reverberation intensity should be adjusted higher, but its raw materials often come from oil and other non ecovio mulching films can be biodegradable and decomposed into water, biological resources and carbon dioxide renewable energy, so as to enhance the emotional depth of the song. Even if Rev is adjusted higher, it will not affect its clarity, because the time between song words is long

3. The singing of Bel Canto songs should aim at the beauty of timbre, and the reverberation intensity should generally be adjusted less. The reason for this is that most of the people who sing bel canto songs have undergone special vocal training, so their timbre is generally good, and there is no need to carry out large-scale reverberation processing, but to show the true nature of the singer's voice. The reverberation intensity of folk songs should not be adjusted too much, because folk songs are mainly singing style and flavor, so the reverberation intensity should be adjusted less to maintain the flavor and local color of folk songs. While popular songs mainly sing feelings, so the sound processing should be exaggerated, allowing a large range of reverberation intensity processing, so as to more fully express the feelings of singing

4. For professional singers, the processing range of reverberation intensity should be smaller. In song and dance halls, professional singers often come to visit and host parties. Because the voice conditions of professional singers are very good, the processing and modification range of their timbre should be smaller to maintain their original timbre characteristics; If an amateur singer has poor voice conditions, the range of modification and processing will be larger, that is, to "add more powder" to his voice makeup to hide some defects of his voice. Therefore, the reverberation intensity of amateur singers' songs should be greater

5. When the song and dance hall is full, such as Christmas, Mid Autumn Festival, Lantern Festival, Valentine's day and other holidays, as well as Sunday, Saturday, Friday and other days, the song and dance hall has more guests, and all stations are full. Human hair and clothes are strong sound-absorbing objects, so more people absorb more sound, and the greater the loss of sound in the sound field. In particular, the loss of high-frequency reverberation is the largest. At this time, the reverberation loss is large. In order to maintain a good reverberation state, it is necessary to increase the reverberation intensity rev, so that the full-scale singing can still maintain its sufficient reverberation thickness and fullness

if the singing hall is empty, such as Monday, Tuesday, or the weather conditions such as strong wind and heavy rain, there is no one or three or two guests at 10 p.m., and the singing hall is cold and quiet. At this time, even if the reverberation intensity in the song is relatively small, it will feel very thick and plump. Because fewer people, less sound absorbed by hair and clothes, less reverberation loss. Therefore, when the field is empty, the reverberation intensity Rev should be reduced

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