Adobe's revenue will drop by $35million in the fou

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Adobe: revenue will fall by $35million in the fourth quarter

Adobe Systems provided analysts and investors with the latest information guidance for the fourth fiscal quarter, as well as its growth target for fiscal year 2002. Due to "lower than expected fiscal revenue", the company lowered its fiscal revenue target and earnings per share target

adobe expects that in the quarter, BMW Group has transformed the entire mini vehicle, and the revenue is between us $275 and 285 million, while the estimated earnings per share is about US $0.20 to US $0.22. This is about $35million lower than Adobe's original target for the fourth quarter, which was originally estimated to be made before the September 11 incident

Bruce R. chizen, President and CEO of adobe, said that Adobe's U.S. and Japanese markets were particularly difficult in September and October. He said: "judging from the current situation, the events in the past two months have obviously had a negative economic impact on adobe."

in view of the continued harsh economic outlook, Adobe also announced plans to cut 150 people, accounting for about 5% of its world employees. This adjustment is expected to cost Adobe $8 to $10million this quarter. Chizen said that despite the reduction in the number of people, Adobe still plans to produce plastic deformation and "hire" in research and development to add steel for future growth

the company's new fiscal year begins in December. Adobe has set a revenue target of $1.3 billion for the year, with an annual growth of about 4% to 5%. Adobe will make some adjustments to the report structure of the new fiscal year, replace the previous web publishing part with graphics, and include Adobe Illustrator. The golive and adobe web portfolio will be reported in Adobe's cross media publishing section

accordingly, Adobe's fiscal year 2002 goals are as follows:

* ePaper solution part: annual growth of 15%

* graphics: annual growth of 5%

* cross media publishing: annual decrease of 5%

* OEM postscript and other parts of the load accuracy: ± 1% within: an annual decrease of 15%

adobe also predicts that the corresponding distribution of expenditure in fiscal year 2002 is:

* r & D: 20% to 21%

* sales and marketing: 34% to 35%

* comprehensive expenditure and administration: 9% to 10%

adobe said its goal is to have a gross profit rate of 93%, a quarterly tax rate of 32%, and an increase of 2million shares per quarter based on the final number of shares used at the end of the fiscal year of 200 for low precision 1. According to Adobe, according to these targets, the pre tax operating profit margin will be 28%, and the estimated earnings per share for the year will be about $1.03

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