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Technical safety measures for the construction of air dampers in the connecting lane of 1033 return air chute

speed up the airworthiness certification of civil aircraft qualified suppliers of products of series specifications. According to the needs of mine ventilation, a group of two-way forward and backward air dampers need to be constructed at the intersection of 1033 return air chute and 11 transportation crosscut. In order to ensure the quality of the project and the safety of the construction process, this measure is specially prepared

I. position of air damper

the specific position of air damper is located at the intersection of 1033 return air chute and 11 transportation crosscut

II. Quality standard

set the specification at the designated position as 1.4 × 0.8 (m) set of dampers, with the thickness of the damper wall not less than 0.8m; There are two dampers in each group, and the forward damper and reverse damper should be set at the same time; The door frame should be "wrapped along the opening, padded, and closely contacted around (light tight), the door leaf should be flat and airtight, and the door leaf and the door frame should not be distorted; the damper material should be made of other materials, and the door frame and the door shaft should be inclined to the closing direction, with an inclination of about 85 º, so that the damper can close automatically by its own weight, the inclination angle of the forward and reverse dampers should be the same, and the two sides of the door wall and the top and bottom should be cut (rock roadway can not be cut) The cutting depth shall not be less than 300mm, and it shall be firmly connected with coal and rock. The wall stack shall be flat without cracks, double joints and empty joints, and there shall be no air leakage; The setting of pipe line hole shall meet the requirements

III. preparation work

1. Before construction, the person in charge of construction should make good preparations for materials, and ensure that the required types of work are fully staffed and the division of labor is reasonable, so as to ensure the supply of materials and improve work efficiency. It is not allowed to adopt the tandem dual elastic support method for the configuration of oil pumps and electromechanical groups, which leads to idling

2. Special personnel shall be responsible for the shipment of materials. All materials shall not exceed the height of the harvester after loading, and the damper must be installed on the flower rack truck

3. Before the charging car enters the well, it must contact the mine dispatching room, electromechanical team and other relevant units, and the transportation must be carried out in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of mine transportation

4. Small materials carried by construction personnel must be tied firmly; To hold the tool stably, the tool with a sharp blade must be installed into the sheath

5. When transporting in the inclined lane, the winch driver must work with a certificate and operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures. Before using the winch, the winch operator must first check whether the sound and light signal system in the inclined lane is complete, sensitive and reliable, and whether the car stopper and bumper are reliable; If it does not meet the requirements, it is strictly prohibited to use; In inclined lane transportation, the principle of "driving without people and pedestrians without driving" should be adhered to, and flying cars are strictly prohibited

6. When manual pushing is required, only one car is allowed to be pushed at a time, and it is strictly forbidden to push on both sides of the tramcar; Attention must be paid to the front when pushing. If there are people or obstacles in front and the cart is close to the turnout, curve and lane intersection, the pusher must give a warning in time

7. After the materials are transported to the construction site, the tramcar should be fixed firmly; When unloading, take care of each other. The materials stacked against the side of the lane should be neat and should not affect pedestrians

8. When loading and unloading the damper, it is necessary to rise and fall steadily to avoid hurting others or damaging the damper. The damper must be tied firmly

9. Before construction, the person in charge of construction must understand the construction site, specifications and requirements, and master the technical measures and construction requirements that such materials can provide long-term reliability protection for the sealing of sensitive electronic components and devices, so as to achieve safe construction

10. When loading and unloading materials, special personnel shall be assigned to command and monitor safety

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