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Safety measures for hoisting, transportation and installation of 6T steam boiler in coal mine

in order to facilitate the safe and smooth construction of this time, the following safety measures are specially formulated. All construction personnel must study, implement and strictly abide by this safety measure during construction

graphene flagship company of Istituto Italiano Di tecnologia in Italy cooperates with Fadel, a leading Tuscan shoemaking company in care Dali. The construction content of the installation project is:

1. Installation of a 6T steam boiler and auxiliary machines

2. Installation of auxiliary equipment and process pipes

3. Boiler foundation and furnace masonry

4. Electrical installation

5. Relevant workload during on-site construction (on-site visa)

II. Safety measures

1. All types of work must strictly abide by the safety operation procedures of this type of work

2. All construction personnel must participate in safety study before construction and are required to carefully implement the safety measures formulated

3. All construction personnel must wear safety helmets and related labor protection articles before entering the construction site. Violators are prohibited from construction. When using safety belts, they should be tied to solid and reliable objects

4. Construction personnel shall not leave their posts without authorization. Those who leave their posts without reason and cause adverse consequences shall be dealt with in accordance with the relevant regulations of the factory

5. It is strictly forbidden to enter the construction site after drinking

6. When the construction personnel work at heights, special personnel shall be assigned to monitor and cooperate. A safety officer is specially assigned for high-altitude operation

7. During construction, the safety of temporary electricity should be ensured. Prevent unsafe electricity accidents

8. All finished products and tools used for lifting and transportation must be in good condition and reach the required safety factor

9. When the object is lifted 200mm away from the placement plane, the lifting should be stopped, and the stress of lifting slings, tools and lifting points should be checked to ensure that b0.25 is safe and free of hidden dangers

10. When lifting objects during construction, it brings problems to environmental protection, and other facilities shall not be damaged

11. No one is allowed to pass or stay under the lifting equipment or near the lifting objects and stressed rigging

12. Tools and materials for working at heights should be placed properly. Avoid throwing, throwing, throwing and falling to hurt people. When transporting objects from high altitude to the ground, they should be tied with ropes, and there should be a special person under supervision. Other construction personnel should cooperate closely to complete the high-altitude operation as soon as possible

13. During construction, there are full-time commanders, and other personnel are not allowed to command and operate at will. Anyone has the right to stop illegal commands and operations

14. Since thermoplastic elastomers are constructed with high molecular materials, party a must cooperate and coordinate with Party A on safety matters in the production process

15. All construction personnel must firmly establish the idea of safety first and prevention first, take care of each other and ensure personal safety

16. All construction personnel should be civilized in their words and deeds on site, and establish a good personal and company image

17. Person in charge of on-site construction: Qin Guangmin

18. Safety Officer: zhouzhibin

III. signature of personnel participating in safety learning

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