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Construction safety technology of water stabilized mixing station

1. Homework staff shall not wear slippers to enter the mixing construction site for homework, and it is strictly prohibited to do homework after drinking. Staff related to construction shall not enter the mixing construction site

2. The stack in the mixing station, the power transformation and distribution room, and the zigzag testing machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. are mainly used for the repeated zigzag testing of metal wires. Obvious warning signs should be set at the risk point sources such as the oil depot, and the doors and windows should be locked, with the words "non task staff should be prevented from entering"

3. The power consumption of the mixing plant should be handled by electricians who are familiar with the professional knowledge of power consumption. All kinds of electrical equipment should be equipped with power discharge protectors, with excellent grounding. The laying of various cables and wires should meet the requirements of electricity safety

4. All kinds of machinery in the mixing station should be pasted with Enron operating procedures, matters needing attention, one method and three cards, etc. Operators should work with certificates

5. When the mixer and other electrical equipment are stopped for inspection, the electrician must be contacted. The maintenance work can be stopped before the shutdown and power failure

6. The mixing station shall be equipped with an Enron officer, who shall be responsible for the normal Enron patrol and Enron production management of the mixing station

7. There are many risk point sources in the mixing plant, so it is necessary to establish an account for each risk point source, patrol every day, and test on schedule

8. During the construction of the water stabilized mixer, the "three inspection system" before, during and after the shift must be stopped every day. The inspection contents are:

(1). The inside situation of the machine shed and whether there are obstacles in the machinery should be checked every day before work. Check the escort belt, diffuser, brake and Enron protective assembly, which should be flexible and reliable, the track pulley is excellent and normal, and the body is stable. The closing test run can be carried out only after confirmation. After min operation, the rotation is stable, without jumping, deviation and abnormal noise, the formal operation can be carried out

(2) the operating staff in the shift shall not leave the post without permission, and shall observe the abnormal scene or abnormal sound at any time. If there is any abnormality, the material in the mixing bin shall be discharged to si0.18. Shut down, switch off and cut off power (hang a warning sign that someone is operating and it is strictly forbidden to switch on) and leave behind to check and repair

after the third shift in the United States, the inside of the mechanical watch should be cleaned, the power supply should be cut off and the door of the electric box should be locked

9. The mixer shall not be overloaded. It is strictly forbidden to repair and maintain during operation, and it is strictly forbidden to use things to dig deep into the mixing bin. In case of power failure halfway, the material must be unloaded

10. During the operation of the machine, it is not allowed to operate without the consent of the relevant leaders. It is strictly prohibited to walk under the mixer or belt escort

11. During the operation of the machine, it is strictly forbidden to put your head or hand between the belt conveyor and the frame for inspection or mold exploration

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