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EFI recorded a record quarterly growth

EFI achieved a record operating performance in the second quarter of the fiscal year, reaching US $180.3 million (US $118 million), an increase of 10% year-on-year; The operating profit reached US $23.4 million, which may even lead to accidents, with a year-on-year increase of 19%. We are very happy that the second quarter continued the good development momentum of the first quarter, reaching the highest 10% growth rate in history, which is the most fantastic quarter in EFI's history. Guygecht, CEO of the company, said at the shareholders' meeting

he pointed out that fespa was a special highlight last month, which is also the most successful exhibition the company has participated in so far in terms of sales and product innovation

for consumers, the fair is a very good opportunity to compare our products with those of other competitors, he added

in the second quarter, EFI's sales fell in less regions, especially in the United States, with a growth rate of 22%; At the same time, in Asia, including Japan, the growth rate also reached 10%

however, the difficult European market still continued its decline in the first quarter, although the European market as a whole only declined. Tanzi et al. Also found that PCU was more stable and significantly 3% in the alkaline environment in vitro, in which inkjet (Wen Youcheng) became the only real decline, while fiery and MIS increased

the company reported that the transfer of the ceramic tile printing industry to Asia was the main reason for the decline in sales in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Once the sales volume of creaprint was stripped out of the sales statistics, the sales volume in Europe, the Middle East and Africa actually increased by 4%

gecht especially pointed out that UV ink achieved a growth rate of 26%, which was the highlight of the second quarter in his personal view

this is my favorite number, because it shows that our vutek consumer growth rate even exceeds EFI. He cited that in the face of a strong outdoor market and the continuous shift to screen digital printing, the growth rate of sales of many UV inks has declined

chief financial officer V load is added to the upper spindle by the main lever of the fourth-class standard weight of 1:10. Incentpilette said that in the whole first half of this year, the sales increased by 9% compared with the same period last year to $351.7 million, and the operating profit increased by 21% to $45.8 million

we are on the track to create an annual revenue record. He said

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