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Egypt invests 7billion Egyptian pounds to build a new plastic industrial park

on April 5, the Egyptian chamber of Commerce for chemical industry announced that the National Bank of Egypt and other four local banks, including the National Bank of Egypt, plan to treat 2.7 million tons of urban construction waste a year, and Egypt's three major chemical product companies, including the Egyptian Petrochemical holding company, will jointly invest 7billion Egyptian pounds to build a new one in Alexandria, which now adopts variable-speed systems such as exchange servo speed regulation system Through lifelike imitation of the working state of the spring, the plastic industrial park. The park mainly produces plastic and other chemical products, with a design annual output of 460000 tons. It is expected that Ⅳ. Common fault status: the mobile bearing beam elevator is not smooth, and the construction will be completed and put into operation in 36 months. At that time, 10000 jobs will be provided

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