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Egyptian customers visit wal Wah Group to order sugarcane wood handling machines

Egyptian customers visit wal Wah Group to order sugarcane wood handling machines

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at the same time, BASF also hopes to contribute to the development of Bio based materials industry in Jilin Province. On December 13, Egypt and customers paid a two-day visit and on-site investigation to wal Wah Group. General manager Cai Minister Chang of the technology department and the head of the e-commerce Department accompanied the inspection

Egyptian customers visited wal Wah Group

customers visited wal Wah structural parts production workshop, wal Wah pipe production workshop, Ericsson hydraulic production workshop, wal Wah Construction machinery assembly workshop, and watched the on-site operation of hydraulic excavators and hydraulic sugarcane wood loaders. Customers highly recognized the product performance; Subsequently, we had in-depth discussions with the heads of relevant departments, had a detailed understanding of the enterprise strength, product characteristics, technical advantages, etc. of wal Wah, and watched the work performance of wal Wah hydraulic sugarcane wood handling machine on site. The advanced technology, convenient operation, efficient operation efficiency and comfortable operating environment of Wal Mart products have left a deep impression on customers

the Egyptian customer visited Wal Mart group

before that, the customer also inspected other well-known manufacturers in the same industry in China. After in-depth comparison, Wal Mart construction machinery has obvious advantages in technical quality, production capacity, shipping capacity and after-sales service in recent days. Finally, the customer signed a purchase contract for two dls8 sugarcane wood handling machines with wal Wah Group because China's extruder products are closely linked to strategic new industries

Egyptian customers visit wal Wah Group

Egyptian customers visit wal Wah Group

Egyptian customers visit why the valve spring of wal Wah Group should undergo fatigue test before leaving the factory

it is reported that Egypt has a large area of sugarcane planting. This time, wal Wah sugarcane wood handling machine products are exported to Egypt, which plays a decisive role in the group's development of Egypt and even the entire African market

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