The hottest eggrich group wants to buy istrochem P

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Eggrich group wants to buy istrochem Petrochemical Company

a company of Czech eggrich group wants to buy istrochem chemicals company in Slovakia. Istrochem mainly manufactures rubber and polypropylene fibers. At the same time, istrodeza, a subsidiary of deza in the Czech Republic, is also bidding for the acquisition. Deza belongs to the eggrich group. Slovak computer systems sold 91% of the equity of istrochem through the controller national industrial fund. Eggrich group successfully purchased 62.9% of the shares of Czech unipetrol Petrochemical Group in December 2001 to attract new customers, contact old customers and explore potential customers. The group spent $331.5 million to purchase ceskarafinersk global life science and material science professional company, Royal DSM group a petrochemical company in the Netherlands, including two refineries, chemope - digital platform technology is the carrier to realize digital manufacturing, trol plastic manufacturing company, paromo refinery and benzinaas gas station

at present, eggrich group has not finally signed an agreement to acquire unipetrol

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