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EFI promotes a new generation of inkjet printers to meet the needs of the ceramic image market

recently, EFI, the global leader in printing innovation with customers as the center, announced the launch of EFI creaprint C3 inkjet printers. This printing machine is equipped with fiery proservtyvek 40L, which greatly reduces the use of packaging raw materials. It is reported that the market demand for participating conduits has increased significantly. This is the world's first digital front-end system launched for the growing ceramic image market, representing the highest level in the field of ceramic inkjet printing

the first EFI creative C3 printer was installed in El Barco, Spain. Check whether the pedal meets the requirements of reliable and wear-resistant use. EFI creative's next generation C3 inkjet printer can provide us with high-quality ceramics. Some electronic parts and circuit boards are sensitive to static electricity. Jose carlosfernandez, chief technology officer of El Barco, said that with more colorful colors, better flexibility, higher output and excellent user interface, this latest inkjet device can make our business more efficient and profitable, and let us exceed the expectations of customers

this is the third generation of EFI creative series digital ceramic printing equipment. Ghilad dziesietnik, chief technology officer of EFI, said that this would completely change the entire industry. The ceramic image market is rapidly changing to digitalization, and EFI creative is the leader. Because the overall design is very innovative, creatiprint C3 can provide more added value for customers' products. This is the most flexible and reliable production inkjet printing equipment ever launched for the ceramic image market. Ghilad dziesietnik added

efi creative C3 can accommodate eight print heads. The flexible and innovative multi-function system can provide more than 1000 customizable settings, and allow different print heads to be used on the same device. Its compact design allows it to be easily incorporated into the existing ceramic tile production line

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