SENRUN wooden door carries the original wooden doo

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Traditional wooden doors stress the combination of image beauty and internal beauty. Excellent wood, exquisite craftsmanship, and integration into the thick traditional culture. When it turns from wood into a door, it is no longer a material appliance, but a work of art

although the original wooden door has a long history, it is enduring, because it not only inherits the tradition, but also constantly brings forth the new

SENRUN wooden door inherits the ancient style, borrows the ancient to open the present, transforms the ancient into the new, inherits the tradition and creates new ideas in the design style. Borrowing parts of the furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, perfecting the classic works of SENRUN wooden door, combining the mortise and tenon structure and traditional manufacturing technology, showing the charm of the furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, inheriting the essence of traditional furniture, and combining the needs of today's life and the cultural background of the times, a series of innovative designs have been carried out in terms of external modeling, internal structure, use function, manufacturing technology, carving decoration, product materials, etc. It will make SENRUN Ming and Qing Dynasty antique wooden doors more perfect in four aspects of "shape", "art", "material" and "Rhyme"

SENRUN Ming and Qing Dynasty antique style wooden doors have made great breakthroughs in carving and decoration techniques as well as the theme content of the decoration. There are complex inlay techniques, as well as shallow carving, deep carving, openwork, and most of the decorative patterns have patterns with wealth and auspiciousness, such as: bat patterns represent "five blessings at the door", fish patterns represent "surplus every year", "fish leaping over the dragon's gate", and so on. Fully demonstrate the vision of a better life

at first, a fence was a door. Now, a door is a work of art, in which the condensed technology and culture sublimate the soul of the door. SENRUN wooden door has well inherited China's Millennium home culture and fully displayed the luxurious and classical temperament of the original wooden door




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