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◆ wall: pay attention to memory pollution in paint

speaking of wall decoration, paint is the most popular and popular now. When choosing coatings, in addition to color and gloss, the most important thing is to choose environmentally friendly coatings. According to the Secretary General of China paint Association, generally speaking, the quality and environmental protection of joint venture and imported brands are relatively guaranteed, such as Nippon Paint, Dulux, Laiwei, yadu, shennueli, China paint giraffe, mowell, etc. the effects of high-quality products in domestic paint such as red lion and lighthouse are also good. Some unscrupulous traders use inferior paint with poor quality and harmful to human body to pretend to be environmental protection paint, and sell it at a price of a few yuan or even more than a dozen yuan per square meter lower than environmental protection paint. Some consumers are trying to be cheap. As a result, the smell in the room continues, seriously affecting their health. This money is not worth it. Now, the paint market is not standardized enough. Some businesses simply sell dog meat and fake and inferior paint in brand-name packaging, deceiving consumers and making huge profits

when purchasing paint, you must go to the designated brand store. Don't think that the paint purchased in the decoration city is equivalent to insurance. It's best to first see whether the exclusive store is really the monopoly of a certain brand of paint. If the store is both an agent of this and that, the reliability of its monopoly should be considered; In addition, real brand agents have a series of supporting documents, and it is not too late to verify their identity before paying; The staff of franchise stores of famous brands such as Nippon Paint generally have received professional training, and have a certain understanding of their product characteristics, uses, coating dosage calculation and other related knowledge, which can answer many of your professional questions. You might as well ask questions and test them. If you don't even have simple paint knowledge, you can imagine the credibility of such a specialty store

in addition to eliminating the false and preserving the true when purchasing paint, we should also pay attention to the use of auxiliary materials in construction, especially glue and primer, in order to achieve wall environmental protection. Even if you choose environmental protection paint, you can't be careless in substrate treatment. Using well-known brand primer can not only ensure the overall effect, but also be absolutely necessary from the perspective of environmental protection. In addition, the use of glue should also be noted that 107 glue contains harmful substances, and the relevant national regulations have expressly prohibited the use of 107 glue in home decoration. You must pay special attention to these accessories that are easy to be ignored

◆ floor: beware of free killers

with the improvement of people's living standards, wood flooring has increasingly become the mainstream of modern family floor material selection with its unique advantages of natural, pollution-free, elegant, comfortable, moisturizing, thermal insulation and so on. However, in the purchase and laying of wood flooring, due to the lack of necessary common sense, there are often some safety hazards

according to Professor gaozhihua, Deputy Secretary General of the wood flooring Association, the truly safe wood flooring standard should be beneficial and harmless to human body, no quality accident in use, and no damage to buildings and the environment in laying

at present, there are many kinds of wood flooring. As far as it is concerned, solid wood flooring does not contain harmful substances, while composite flooring of fake quality may contain harmful substances. The harmful substances mentioned here include two aspects: first, the release of free formaldehyde contained in the floor with adhesive is too high; If free formaldehyde exceeds 40mg100g, it is harmful to human body and is not allowed to be sold on the market. You'd better choose a green floor with formaldehyde content of about 10mg100g. Such as: Oudian ship deck, Baigao, Shengxiang and other brands. In addition, Baili and Taibu flooring are the first to pass the international green environmental protection certification, so you can use them with confidence; Second, various organic solvents used in the process of painting, such as toluene, nitro, etc., will emit gases harmful to human body. It is recommended that you try to buy a well decorated surface when buying a floor. Do not buy a plain board for a painted floor. Because the on-site construction environment and equipment cannot meet the paint standards of the factory, for example, the paint quality, flatness, peel resistance and brightness cannot meet the mass production standards

some consumers often complain that they have bought well-known brands of flooring, the product quality is good, and they use it carefully. But after three or five years, once the climate and environment change, the flooring still has problems such as twisting and cracking, which is really annoying

in fact, this is caused by excessive size. The larger the size of the floor, the more obvious the exposure, so when you buy the floor, its length should be less than 60 cm and its width should be less than 7.5 cm. At present, consumers generally like to buy floors 90 cm long and 9 cm wide, which is a choice with great hidden dangers. If you choose a larger size floor, you should choose direct floor or three-layer and multi-layer composite floor, such as Jinqiao, Diwang, Yihua and other brands. The best choice for solid wood flooring is senwang, Hengyi and other brands

in the laying process of the floor, keel laying method should be widely used. During the laying process, the keel should be fixed on the ground and drilled on the floor with a depth of less than 2.5mm. Some irregular decoration companies carried out barbaric construction, drilling too deep and too dense with electric hammers, or even getting through the floor, causing neighborhood disputes; In particular, the electric hammer eye is too dense and too long, which greatly reduces the strength of the floor and causes damage to the building, with endless hidden dangers. So when you buy Flooring, you'd better refer to the standard specifications of wood flooring and choose the flooring that meets the national safety standards according to your own needs and hobbies

in a word, safe material selection in home decoration is the key to environmental friendly home decoration. You must pay special attention to protect your family from living a healthy life in an all-round environment, starting with the selection of materials




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