Unreliable method for rapid detection of formaldeh

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"People who are decorating should pay attention to the fact that the current popular method of rapid detection of formaldehyde is inaccurate and harmful. If you want to stay at ease, you'd better find a qualified indoor monitoring station for detection." Zheng Baozhu, director of Wuhan indoor environmental monitoring center, reminded the public yesterday

Wandong, who lives in Changfu community, Fuxing village, Hankou, recently renovated his house. The decoration company invited someone to do indoor air

detection. It took less than half an hour, and the result came out: the indoor formaldehyde content reached the standard. But three months after staying in the house, there was still a bad smell at home, which made his family very upset

Zheng Baozhu introduced that according to relevant national regulations, the process of indoor air detection should be: before the detection, the house must be closed for 12 hours, all furniture doors must be opened, and then the detection personnel will come to the door for 45 minutes to 1 hour of indoor air sampling. After the samples are brought back to the laboratory, they will be analyzed with large-scale gas chromatography instruments, so that the detected formaldehyde data is accurate

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