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Office furniture is an appliance that is equipped for the convenience of working in life. With the continuous development of social economy, the office furniture on the market has novel and diverse styles, complete functions and favorable prices. Then, which is the best office furniture in Harbin? How should office furniture be placed? Now let's have a simple understanding with Xiaobian

I. which office furniture is better in Harbin? which office furniture is better in Harbin. 1. Furong

Furong is a local enterprise in Harbin. Based on the principle of serving the majority of consumers with heart, it has entered the top ten in the office furniture industry in Harbin in just a few years. Its design is more humanized. You can go to the user's home or office for field investigation, and then design and produce according to the user's actual situation, so as to create a unique office furniture for consumers

which is the best office furniture in Harbin? 2. Yimei

Yimei is relatively high in the sales of Harbin. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating design, production and sales. Their design styles are more fashionable and their quality is also very good, which has received unanimous praise from the majority of consumers. There are many display cabinets in Harbin, which can be used by consumers for better purchase

which office furniture in Harbin is better? 3. Yilong

Yilong's products all follow a relatively high-end line, and their reputation has always been very good. Its furniture production process adopts international standards, and each product has a qualified inspection mark. If there is a quality problem in a short time, it can be returned directly, and the damage can be repaired free of charge during the warranty period

Harbin Office Furniture 4. Huatai

Huatai has a strong design team and modern production workshops, and is one of the top 500 enterprises in China. The production scale is very large and the quality is very good. Many large companies choose the office furniture produced by Taihua

2. How to place office furniture

1. The most taboo of office furniture is to sit behind the door, which will make you feel insecure and distracted

2. It is common for us to face the door with office furniture, which can keep people at work clear headed and make their thinking more active. But you must not face the door directly, because it will be directly rushed by the door

3. The seats of office furniture should be placed against the wall, which can better make the staff concentrate

4. It is best to put the office furniture on the left side of the window, so that the air can breathe fresh air. The light is enough to keep the working people awake. If the sun is direct, the curtains can be put down

5. Office furniture cannot be placed in the middle of the room, which will make people at work feel empty, difficult to concentrate, and affect their work

6. If the bathroom is next to the door, it is very unlucky, which will make your business and financial fortune worse. The office is diagonally opposite to you. This location should be bright and spacious. You can put some green plants, but you must not put fake flowers

editor's summary: the above is what Xiaobian shared for you about Harbin office furniture. Which one is good? And how to place office furniture. If you want to know more about decoration, you can pay attention to it




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