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It is reported that so far, the margin system is not a mandatory measure, but an act of enterprise self-discipline. Consumer self-protection is still the most important

it is reported that so far, the margin system is not a mandatory measure, but an act of enterprise self-discipline. Consumer self-protection is still the most important. To protect their legitimate rights and interests and enhance their awareness of self-protection, consumers should do five things and five don'ts from choosing decoration companies

"five requirements"

choose formal decoration companies with business license of enterprise legal person, qualification certificate of construction enterprise and membership certificate of Industry Association

choose decoration companies with large scale and high popularity

decoration companies with high integrity and strong ability to perform contracts should be selected. These enterprises are generally units that participate in the establishment of standardized services and quality deposits for home decoration industry

the decoration company that adopts the "Zhengzhou family room decoration demonstration contract" should be selected, and all contract items should be carefully filled in and selected according to the provisions of the contract, so as to clarify the rights, obligations and liabilities for breach of contract of both parties

in the process of decoration, we should improve our awareness of self-protection, keep in touch with the decoration company at all times, and promptly complain or report to the relevant departments in case of any abnormal situation. In addition, the decoration payment shall be paid in installments according to the progress of the project, and must not be paid in advance

"five don't"

don't credulous decoration enterprise advertisements. Some decoration advertisements are one-sided boasting and exaggerating, and their purpose is to trick consumers into overestimating the decoration effect advertised by the advertisement. As the saying goes, hearing is false, seeing is true. Consumers had better go to the construction site for on-site investigation to understand their safe production, civilized construction and standardized operation

don't be superstitious about low-cost decoration. Some enterprises avoid taking the design fee, management fee and material fee as the lowest price in the market, and the low price such as discount of labor fee as the bait. Once the transaction is concluded, they will take various methods to entrap consumers, such as rough manufacturing, shoddy, midway price increase and so on

don't trust the introductions of acquaintances. Some consumers credulous acquaintances, do not sign decoration contracts, engage in "gentleman's agreement" and "friendly operation", once there is a decoration dispute, it cannot be properly resolved due to lack of basis or obstruction of friendship

don't look for road guerrillas. The road guerrillas have no license, no qualification, and no fixed business place. If they find their decoration, the warranty cannot be guaranteed, there is no place to appeal if there is a problem, and they can't be investigated if they escape with money

don't find unreliable affiliated companies. According to the investigation, many decoration enterprises who fled with money were affiliated companies of some decoration companies, and some head offices only charged a certain amount of management fees on a monthly basis, without any restrictive measures for affiliated companies, which was very prone to violations of laws and regulations




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