The hottest imported fruits are labeled disorderly

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Imported fruits are labeled indiscriminately, and consumers are difficult to distinguish between true and false

last Friday, our newspaper "American snake fruit is written as Sunkist?" After reporting that the labels of imported fruits were disordered, I visited many large supermarkets in Shenzhen again this week and found that the name, place of origin, code and other contents of imported fruits were still irregular, "identity" was still disordered, and consumers were indeed difficult to identify the true and false. The confusion of labels makes people confused. At the imported fruit stall of Wanjia Hongli store, I saw a row of golden kiwi fruit for promotion, and casually asked the salesperson next to me, "where is this produced?" The salesperson answered definitely, "New Zealand." Then he asked, "Why are some English labels on the label New Zealand and some American?" The salesperson hesitated and said, "maybe the label is wrong, or it's the leftover products." There are many similar situations. The origin of imported red persimmons and golden kiwi fruits in Shuibao Hongling store is written in the United States, but the label is New Zealand; In Tianhong, the origin of Canary fruit is the United States, and the label is the English logo of New Zealand or coperoot; American lemons and Australian pears were not even labeled. At Maoye Huaqiang store, seeing that Gala apples have at least three kinds of labels, he asked the salesperson, "is this kind of Apple imported?" The salesperson gave a positive answer, but when asked where the origin is, the salesperson said he was not very clear. "Then why are the labels on the fruits of the shear strength test process of water rock mass different?" Cross examination again, the salesperson disdained to answer: "it may be that the delivery time is different, so the labels are also inconsistent." In response to this phenomenon, I interviewed the relevant principals of several supermarkets. Miss Wan Jiazhan said that the labels on the fruit were already affixed by the supplier before delivery, and the supermarket could not check them one by one. Miss Zhan also told that Wanjia has always had fixed suppliers. Before cooperating with them, Wanjia will confirm whether they have the legal right to operate, and will also ask them to provide various inspection and quarantine certificates. The "authenticity" of fruits is guaranteed. After receiving the interview, the person in charge of Suibao immediately investigated the scene, and later explained that the staff accidentally wrote the origin wrong. I hope relevant departments will strengthen supervision. During the investigation, I interviewed several consumers who were interested in buying imported fruits at random. Many consumers test the performance and requirements according to the needs of flexible packaging film. Consumers reflect that they do not know how to distinguish the authenticity when buying imported fruits, but only buy by feeling. In Maoye, a woman surnamed Chen is going to buy pitaya. When asked how to choose pitaya, she smiled and said, "I don't understand this. Where can we understand imported fruit? Anyway, the above factors have brought many difficulties to the control of high-precision universal experimental machine." "What if I buy fake imported fruits?" Ms. Chen said in surprise, "can't you? There are fake imported fruits?" In Tianhong, a young man was asked if he knew how to identify imported fruits. He said, "I'm not very clear, but there should be no fake in such a large market?" Mr. Xue, who works in a public institution, said, "what's the use of buying imported fruits even if we have doubts? We don't understand it at all. Even if it's fake, we can't tell it. We only hope that the relevant departments will strengthen supervision and try to reduce the circulation of these counterfeit products in the market." ■ related links: according to experts, we should recognize fake foreign fruits and understand the characteristics of imported fruits. Foreign fruit processing technology is good. After fruit picking, it enters the process of cold storage, so the degree of freshness is very high. In addition, "foreign fruit" has uniform size, bright color and rich texture. Some "imported fruits" are beautifully packed and generally have a long shelf life, so when buying, you should judge the authenticity by looking, pinching and smelling, and pay attention to whether they are fresh and whether they have gone bad. Teach you to distinguish "fake foreign devils" ● American and Chilean red grapes vs domestic grapes: red grapes are dark red, while grapes are maroon. Imported red wine generally has the same fruit shape, uniform size, no loose grains, thin skin, and it is difficult to separate skin and meat; Domestic grapes are easy to separate skin and meat when pinched by hand. ● American snake fruit vs New Red Star Apple: what impact will snake fruit static electricity bring to the electronic universal testing machine? The maintenance work of the electronic universal testing machine is red, and the fruit body is long. ● kiwi fruit from New Zealand vs domestic kiwi fruit: the skin of imported kiwi fruit is hard and uniform, the size is uniform, and the skin is yellow and blue, while the skin of domestic kiwi fruit is soft and uneven. Kiwi fruit tastes good when it is hard, while kiwi fruit tastes good when it is ripe. ● Japanese crystal pear vs domestic crystal duck pear: although they are only one word different, they are very different in shape and taste. In contrast, the crystal pear is larger, and it feels like falling in your hand. It is dark yellow. It looks like an apple rather than a pear in shape, and it tastes especially crisp

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