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Imported quality 190A gasoline electric welding machine

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imported quality 190A gasoline electric welding machine daze 190A gasoline electric welding machine

4.0 gasoline electric welding machine has excellent performance price ratio, reliable quality assurance, and fully conforms to and exceeds international and domestic industry standards. It is widely used in many important fields such as telecommunications systems, highways, engineering companies, financial systems, hotels, railways, airports, large shopping malls, factories, residential areas, and has a large number of enterprises in China Excellent customers. At the same time, Xiecheng company is also committed to developing the international market. At present, the diesel generator sets of Taizhou Huaneng Power have been sold well in Europe, America, Africa, Australia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other places, and have been highly praised by foreign engineering experts and diesel generator end users

machine structure: 190A gasoline self generating welding machine [daze original toto-190a] engine is an integrated machine with electric welding machine. The generator directly drives the welding machine to work by rotating the current. Generally, there are two most commonly used models: gasoline power, diesel power and diesel power. With low-power auxiliary power supply, it can drive lighting and other low-power equipment. The control system only uses a set of control circuit to control the characteristics of welding power supply and play the role of automatic regulator of power generation output voltage. The control circuit adopts the control method of "setting the frequency and adjusting the pulse width". By sampling and processing the instantaneous waveform of the output voltage and welding current of the welding power supply, rather than the average value, the control pulse is formed after modulation to control the duty cycle of the excitation control unit IGBT of Lanzhou University machine, so as to control the generator excitation, and adjust the welding current by adjusting the generator excitation

some of daze t must control the equipment in order for safety. The oto-190a gasoline belt electric welding machine uses the high-temperature arc generated by the tension machine when the positive and negative poles are in an instant short circuit to melt the solder and the welded material on the electrode, so as to achieve the purpose of combining them. The structure is very simple. It is a high-power transformer. Generally, the electric welding machine can be divided into two types according to the type of output power supply. One is AC power supply; One is DC

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