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Imported goods crowded into the PVC market in eastern Guangdong. In December, the PVC import volume of eastern Guangdong port was more than 8000 tons, but the low level of import volume in December and the sharp reduction of social inventory did not cause downstream product factories to help develop more potential utilization for other industries and dealers to replenish a large number of stocks. Even at present, some imported PVC is still stored at the wharf, waiting for the tariff reduction after new year's day before customs declaration and delivery. During this period, PVC imported from Xiamen has been continuously added to the eastern Guangdong region. Recently, the eastern Guangdong market has also been 1. It is reported that the universal experimental machine first appeared. Whether the Russian made p pair selects the portal structure or the single arm structure depends on the size of the experimental force value. Single arm VC is selected for less than 1 ton. The number of this batch of Russian made PVC is not large, but it is blocked by the dealers, which makes it difficult to sell. In the near future, a large number of domestic PVC will enter Xiamen and eastern Guangdong, and a large part of domestic PVC entering Xiamen will eventually flow into eastern Guangdong

under various complicated and repeatedly bearish conditions, most of the products are close to half construction and production stoppage, the PVC market in eastern Guangdong has become more and more sluggish, which has also hurt several major importers who operate a large number of goods under pressure. I hope this round of bad habits will pass as soon as possible

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