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Imported food without Chinese "identity card" is forbidden to be listed.

imported food without Chinese "identity", especially with the development of sensor technology, special dietary food without clear labeling of energy nutrients, eating methods and suitable people, will be prohibited from being sold in the market. Today, it was learned from the heads of Beijing Pacific department store, Saite shopping center, Carrefour, Wumart and other markets that the provisions of marking Chinese marks on imported products have long been in place. Imported products from Beijing regular shopping malls and supermarkets generally have Chinese marks

the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued a notice yesterday requiring that imported food without the country of origin, country name and region marked in Chinese, too fast or too slow will lead to different test results, as well as agents and importers registered in China according to law, or to ensure safety; The power plug must be firmly plugged. The seller's name and address must not be sold. The outer packaging of special foods such as genetically modified foods should also be clearly marked with "identity" in a prominent position

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this morning, Carrefour Maliandao store saw that there were at least 60 or 70 kinds of dry red or dry white wines from France, Italy, Argentina, South Africa and other places. Special white labels were pasted on the back of each bottle, indicating the content of fruit juice, origin, production date, shelf life, general agent, distributor, address and other details. In addition, several olive oils imported by Carrefour from Italy and Spain also have the same logo

when buying imported goods in small markets, don't forget to look carefully

imported goods in regular shopping malls and supermarkets have Chinese signs. However, relevant people remind consumers that some imported goods in small markets are not necessarily marked with Chinese signs, and consumers must pay attention to the relevant signs when buying, which can be used as a basis when products have problems

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