The hottest import of plastic raw materials in Wen

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The import of plastic raw materials in Wenzhou increased by 26.2%

according to statistics, the import of plastic raw materials in Wenzhou in the first quarter was 44000 tons, valued at US $71.374 million, an increase of 26.2%, ranking first among all kinds of imported goods

affected by the rise in international crude oil prices, the average import price of plastics continued to rise, of which the average import price in March was $1729.5 per ton, the highest point in nearly 17 months. 5. Adopt standard database management experimental data. It is reported that Japan, South Korea and Taiwan are the main sources of imports, accounting for 68.2% of the city's imports of plastic raw materials in the same period. They imported 16000 tons of plastic raw materials from Japan, an increase of 1.2 times

according to the analysis of Wenzhou customs, although domestic plastics are regularly coated with a thin layer of MoS2 (molybdenum disulfide) grease; The domestic demand for raw materials is large, and some plastics with special properties are still in the period of strategic opportunity, and raw materials still need to rely heavily on imports. For example, the constant elongation stress of the sample needs to be measured before the sample is stretched to the force value of the given elongation. The import dependence of plastic raw materials in China is as high as 44%, and the gap is quite large. This problem should be paid attention to. Customs officials suggested that we should speed up the construction of the domestic plastic industry, improve the self-sufficiency rate of raw materials, reduce dependence on plastic imports, start the industrial monitoring and early warning mechanism, and strengthen the tracking and monitoring of the import of primary plastic shapes

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