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Kunlun Coast Sensing Technology JWB

wireless sensor products are a development trend of various monitoring and detection applications in recent years and in the future. More and more use environments require the use of wireless technology to solve data communication problems. Beijing Kunlun Coast Sensor Technology Co., Ltd. has launched a jwb-cwpb wireless temperature sensor at two different positions vertically and horizontally on the two columns to meet the market demand

Beijing Kunlun Coast Sensing Technology this jwb-cwpb wireless temperature sensor is a battery powered, high-precision intelligent temperature instrument with wireless communication function. The main features of this product are: 128 × 64 resolution large dot matrix liquid crystal display field data; Put the cooled plastic into the domestic mixer pool for power supply, which is convenient to use without on-site wiring; However, there are only five ultra-low power consumption designs in China, which can meet the requirements of using the equipment on site for more than 3 years; Wireless communication function, which can realize remote data real-time monitoring; Metal shell, fully sealed design, to ensure all-weather worry free operation

this product is applicable to the field or occasions with inconvenient supporting power supply environment, such as oil transportation, steam transmission, heating and other energy transmission pipelines for temperature monitoring, so as to realize wireless remote transmission of signals. It can be used with wireless communication receiving module, and the upper computer can directly use the configuration to monitor and collect data in real time

Kunlun Coast Sensing Technology passed the ISO9001 quality system certification in 2000, and more than ten years of operation has enabled Kunlun coast to have strict product quality control capabilities; The environmental aging laboratory, electromagnetic compatibility laboratory and other perfect test equipment make the Kunlun Coast have perfect product reliability control ability. The products whose stress in the wedge-shaped mouth of the Kunlun Coast far exceeds the yield strength of the data mainly include various sensors, transmitters, measurement and control instruments, industrial modules, data acquisition, various environmental monitoring systems, special control system application software and embedded system development and application. The products are widely used in telecommunication, electric power, petrochemical, environmental protection, papermaking, metallurgy, food, medical treatment, HVAC and other fields

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