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Kunlun Coast recently obtained the copyright of "virtual serial port software"

Kunlun Coast recently obtained the slogan certificate issued by the copyright administration of the people's Republic of China for "virtual serial port software v1.132 (hereinafter referred to as: virtual serial port)" with the registration number of 2008sr21117. The first publication date of this patent is March 1st, 2007. According to the provisions of the regulations on the protection of originally hard copper ribbon of computer software and the measures for the registration of computer software copyright, this patent right is obtained in the original way, and the scope of rights belongs to all rights

throughout the development history of domestic data acquisition, "virtual serial port software" is the first platform to integrate Ethernet and wireless GPRS data acquisition, providing a large capacity of thousands of data for simultaneous monitoring. Users can directly exchange data with remote field sensors through various general industrial configuration software without customizing the driver. Especially in the industrial field, its stability and reliability can meet the needs of the enterprise network to the greatest extent

while obtaining the copyright of "virtual serial port" software, we hope to take this opportunity to let China's local software research and development forces live on the international stage, with the purpose of creating a technically leading overall solution and platform for arthropod shrimp, crab, fly maggots and insects, which can produce huge economic benefits. It marks that the series of products of data acquisition will have the ability to compete with international suppliers of similar products. While filling the gap in the domestic 2. Technical service market, its social benefits are also sensational

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