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GPRS is the English abbreviation of general packet radio service, which provides point-to-point, wide area wireless IP connection. It has the advantages of "real-time", "billing by volume", "fast login" and "high-speed transmission". These characteristics make GPRS more and more widely used around us. Recently, Beijing Kunlun coast, a leading domestic supplier of sensors and data acquisition products, launched a new GPRS wireless communication data acquisition module - kl-n7000 series

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kl-n7000 series GPRS data acquisition module is a comprehensive data acquisition module that integrates analog/switching value acquisition, relay control, RS-232 or RS-485 serial port serial communication (data transparent transmission or data acquisition), alarm SMS, voice and GPRS data transmission, which integrates the recycling mechanism of new energy vehicle power batteries, and has a small and beautiful appearance, The measurement is accurate and reliable. The working state of the module can be easily obtained by changing the color of the status indicator. The operation and debugging are very simple, which is suitable for data acquisition and control in various environments

compared with previous products, the HDI plant that costron put into operation in Shanghai base in July this year is also a large-scale project in this 3billion Euro investment plan. With the excellent performance of the original products, such as strong anti-interference ability, built-in high-sensitivity antenna, wide voltage power supply design, support for tcp/udp two communication modes, support for standard Modbus RTU drive, many functions have been added, Make it more convenient for users to use

kl-n7000 series GPRS data acquisition module supports fixed IP and domain name. For users without fixed IP, dynamic domain name resolution function can be used to finally realize collector network link and data acquisition; Its RS-232 or RS-485 serial port is connected to the extended intelligent device, and the upper software can communicate with the extended device completely and transparently through the supporting virtual serial port, so as to realize the wireless transparent transmission of intelligent device data

when an alarm occurs in a channel of kl-n7000 series GPRS data acquisition module, it will immediately notify the person in charge of the on-site alarm in the form of SMS. Users can choose single channel or group sending; The timed online and offline function can not only ensure GPRS data transmission, but also timely offline, save data traffic, and can also alarm and actively go online in the offline state

in case of network interruption when the network is unstable, kl-n7000 series GPRS data acquisition module can automatically reconnect the network to ensure timely and effective monitoring of field data; If the headset is inserted, it can also make voice calls with the set one (with an authorized number card)

kl-n7000 series data acquisition module based on GPRS communication is one of the series products launched by Kunlun coast. The whole series includes data acquisition module based on serial communication kl-n4000 series, remote data acquisition and monitoring equipment based on Ethernet kl-5000, data acquisition module based on Ethernet communication kl-w6000 series, data acquisition controller based on Ethernet communication kl-w8000 series and kl-s series data collectors, Meet the different needs of customers

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