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KUKA signed and awarded the license with aibozhi and Chengdu Vocational and Technical College of industry and trade

on April 24, KUKA, a robot based intelligent solution supplier, together with Chengdu aibozhi Robot Technology Co., Ltd. and Chengdu Vocational and Technical College of industry and trade, based on the principles of equality and mutual benefit, complementary advantages, resource sharing and common development, and on the basis of friendly negotiation, the three parties completed the signing and awarding ceremony. The three parties will establish a long-term Close cooperation. Mr. Wang Hui, CEO of KUKA China, Mr. Zheng Jingxiang, general manager of Chengdu aibozhi Robot Technology Co., Ltd. in the southwest region, Ms. Yang Chunxi, President and Mr. Li Wangying, vice president of Chengdu Institute of industry and trade, and Mr. Zhang Mingli, sales manager of KUKA robot in West China attended the next signing ceremony

Figure 1: on site of the tripartite exchange seminar

the main purpose of the school enterprise cooperation reached by the three parties is to assist vocational schools in developing vocational education, implement the talent training mode with vocational ability training as the core, help enterprises cultivate applied talents with both good professional quality and hard operating skills, and strengthen the close connection between talent training and Chengdu intelligent manufacturing industry, Better serve local economic construction and development

Figure 2: Mr. Wang Hui, CEO of KUKA China, visited the campus facilities

at the signing ceremony, KUKA, aizhibo and Chengdu Institute of industry and Trade Vocational Technology formulated comprehensive, complementary and far-reaching cooperation contents for future common development through in-depth exchanges and negotiations, among which important projects include:

1. Around the intelligent manufacturing industry, KUKA and Chengdu aizhibo will help Chengdu Vocational and Technical College of industry and trade build the majors of high-quality intelligent control technology, mechanical equipment assembly and automatic control technology. At the same time, they will help the college optimize the professional talent training mode, curriculum system, training mode and training site layout, improve the level of Teachers and improve the training level of intelligent manufacturing talents

2. The three parties should deepen the integration of industry and education. With the advantage of the national manufacturing productive training base of Chengdu Institute of technology, Chengdu aizhibo has jointly established an industrial robot intelligent manufacturing technology innovation and research center with the University. As a robot manufacturer, KUKA provides corresponding technical guidance to jointly develop, optimize and trial produce intelligent manufacturing products represented by KUKA robot workstation, electrical assembly and commissioning training platform, industrial sensor training equipment, KUKA robot laser marking workstation, flexible marking production line, intelligent manufacturing flexible production line, etc

Figure 3: the awarding ceremony of the innovation and R & D Center (Mr. Wang Hui, Mr. Zheng Jingxiang, Ms. Yang Chunxi)

3. KUKA and aizhibo are the providers of intelligent solutions, and the vocational and Technical College of industry and trade is the cultivator of talents in the whole process of intelligent manufacturing, sales, maintenance, maintenance, operation, etc. Through apprenticeship, order class, title class and other forms, the three parties carry out in-depth collaborative education to cultivate high-tech talents in intelligent manufacturing. The enterprises of the two parties will provide more employment practice opportunities for students of our school

4. The two enterprises and schools are bases for each other. On the basis of the integration of production and education, the three parties will jointly apply for the Sichuan base project for enterprises, and assist the institutions in applying for the Sichuan dual (4) experimental machine connected 3-phase 4-wire power high plan and the national teaching achievement award and other projects

Figure 4: the awarding ceremony of the acquisition of skilled talents training base of high-tech signal (Mr. Wang Hui, Mr. Li Wangying)

this cooperation between KUKA and Chengdu School enterprises is another practice and expansion in the integration of production and research. The universal tensile testing machine is needed for Auto parts, mainly including: rubber products on cars. It is believed that in the close cooperation between the three parties in the future, we can assist the development of enterprises through cooperation, KUKA will continue to optimize and innovate in the continuous exploration and challenges to help the school cultivate excellent intelligent manufacturing talents in the future, and truly realize the ultimate goal of mutual benefit, complementarity and common development

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