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Kunlun Coast has developed RFID temperature tags for food safety. From April 29 to May 1, Hu Jintao, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President of the state and chairman of the Central Military Commission, visited Tianjin to inspect the food quality supervision and testing institutions and pointed out that food is the first priority for the people and food safety is the first priority. Food safety is a major event related to the health and life safety of the people. Food quality has become the focus of the Chinese government and people. Because the temperature change of food in the process of storage and transportation has a great impact on the quality, it has a positive effect on the preservation of food and the investigation of the causes of food problems to completely record the temperature of the environment in which the food is stored in the cold chain transportation link. It is reported that a new product, which combines radio frequency identification (RFID) and modern sensing technology and has the significance of epoch-making. 5. The main bearing of rubber tension machine dynamometer is not allowed to refuel. RFID temperature tag has been successfully developed by Beijing Kunlun coast. It can not only complete the identification of materials, but also measure and record their ambient temperature. It can intuitively judge whether the ambient temperature of materials exceeds the allowable range during storage and transportation, And realize the traceability of the whole quality process

excellent application performance of all parties

at this stage, China still lacks effective management methods of cold chain logistics, and the current common practice in monitoring technology is manual measurement and paper recording, lacking complete and unified data system support. This leads to poor real-time performance and disconnection of supervision; It is difficult to obtain evidence and cannot be determined; Unable to carry out early warning, high loss rate, etc

it is understood that the RFID temperature tag on the Kunlun Coast adopts a fully sealed waterproof and moisture-proof design, which integrates sensing, identification, wireless transmission and other functions, making the temperature sensing more sensitive and accurate

take the point-to-point cold chain supply chain as an example. When the shipper delivers the goods, the label is placed in the package. When the goods arrive, the receiver reads the temperature data in the RFID chip through the RFID reading and writing device, so as to accurately know when and how the temperature changes, which is easy to define and facilitate information tracing. Moreover, the preset specified temperature is set in the receiver's system, so it is difficult to be tampered with, while the receiver can simply and conveniently preset the temperature according to different goods

as for other industries with special requirements for temperature, the temperature labels of Kunlun coast also have excellent performance. In the past, the staff of these manufacturers with special temperature requirements, which have great influence and reputation in the country, always recorded the temperature in the notebook manually, 4 to 5 times a day. However, if there is a problem outside the inspection time, the staff cannot find it in time. After applying the new RFID temperature tag system of Beijing Kunlun coast company, they can freely set and start the time of temperature acquisition, which can not only reduce the time spent on reading the temperature manually, but also find abnormal temperature conditions at any time, so as to reduce the loss of goods and reduce costs

according to the technicians of Beijing Kunlun Coast Sensing Technology Co., Ltd., RFID temperature tags realize the functions of cold chain item status monitoring and cold chain item whole process information tracing, which is undoubtedly a new highlight in the field of IOT. In addition, after the enterprise realizes the whole process and real-time monitoring of the cold chain temperature, consumers can realize the digital identification of each product according to the product serial number, and trace the cold chain data of the product; Relevant regulatory agencies and units can also provide inquiry information terminals in fixed places to facilitate active monitoring and user inquiry

the RFID temperature tag on the Kunlun coast of Beijing also has many characteristics, such as long service life, special requirements for control methods, convenient operation and so on. It is increasingly widely used in many products and fields that need temperature measurement. Many experts who have enriched the achievements of industry, University and research and worked on food safety research said that this product will continue to show great potential and broad application prospects. His significance lies in that in the future, the late mending supervision of food safety relying on media exposure, public opinion supervision and post event prevention has come to an end, and relying on scientific and technological forces to guard food safety and truly move the focus of supervision forward is becoming a reality

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