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The second China (Ningbo) smart city technology and application products Expo 2012, hosted by eight institutions including the Ministry of industry and information technology, will be held in Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center, Zhejiang Province from September 7 to 9 (Friday to Sunday). The exhibition area of this Expo is more than 20000 square meters, and the number of customers is expected to be 50000. Focusing on the theme of gathering smart applications and building smart cities, this smart city Expo adheres to the development direction of internationalization, specialization and scale, and strives to build it into the first exhibition of smart cities in China. The Chinese Academy of Sciences, the State Administration of radio and television, the three major telecom operator group companies, aerospace science and industry, CEC technology, Datang, ZTE, Huawei, Neusoft, Inspur, CSST, founder, Yinjiang and other top 20 domestic data tensile testing machines are suitable for all kinds of micron friction and wear testing machines (10N), leading units and enterprises in the textile industry, as well as IBM, Microsoft, Tata, Siemens, Samsung and other world top 500 enterprises, South Korea Taiwan and other countries and regions will display the latest smart city and IOT application technology achievements on the same stage

Beijing Kunlun Coast Sensing Technology Co., Ltd., as a leading supplier of sensor and data acquisition products in China, was established in March, 1994. In particular, it proposed that the product identification content should include the declaration of conformity of the product to relevant regulations and standards. It is a high-tech enterprise jointly certified by Beijing science and Technology Commission, Beijing Finance Bureau, Beijing National Taxation Bureau and Beijing Local Taxation Bureau, It is the implementation unit of the technology industry transformation project of the Beijing Municipal Commission of science and technology, and has the intellectual property rights of more than 10 patents for inventions and utility models, software copyrights and other proprietary technologies. Its products cover four categories of products: industrial control, environmental monitoring, wireless sensing and RFID temperature tags, mainly for petrochemical, aerospace, electric power, water conservancy, food and medical treatment, intelligent buildings, computer room monitoring, intelligent agriculture and other fields

visitors gathered in the exhibition area of Kunlun coast to watch this exhibition. Beijing Kunlun Coast focused on RFID temperature label products applied to cold chain logistics and wireless sensor products applied to agricultural greenhouses and field monitoring. In addition, the main products of industrial control and environmental testing are also displayed

The sand table model presented by the Kunlun Coast booth is the practical application of wireless sensor products in the remote measurement and monitoring of agricultural greenhouses based on two force columns with a dial gauge, which vividly shows the changes of various parameters of the crop growth environment in the greenhouse of Kunlun Coast wireless sensor products in the remote monitoring, effectively adjusting the control nodes in the greenhouse, and greatly reducing the workload of manual inspection, And early warning of unsafe conditions, through the background computer to easily realize unattended and remote monitoring. In this regard, the audience expressed great interest and came forward to consult one after another

the technicians of Kunlun Coast explained the characteristics of wireless sensor products and how to group them in front of the sand table. Through this exhibition, we can see that after 18 years of efforts, Beijing Kunlun Coast has successfully accumulated many years of technology and experience, and its products and technology have reached the leading position in the industry. As early as before the rise of the concept of IOT, wireless pressure sensors developed for the needs of oil fields have been developed for use in oil fields. Until today, a number of technically mature products have been launched. In the future, Kunlun Coast will strictly control product quality, improve R & D and production efficiency, provide customers with first-class products with ultra-high quality and stable performance, and gradually improve the reputation of Kunlun coast in the eyes of customers

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