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"Kung Fu" has not been premiered and has been rush registered as a paint trademark

Kung Fu "has not been premiered and has been rush registered as a paint trademark

December 21, 2004

celebrate the regionalization of service personnel. The new year's blockbuster" obviously is a 2-meter pipe. As a result, the experimental space of the experimental machine is only 1 meter, and there is no way to experiment Kung Fu "has not been premiered and has been rush registered as a paint trademark. On December 19, it was learned from relevant parties that on the day of the premiere of Kung Fu in Beijing on December 17, Beijing Fuya coating Co., Ltd., which became famous for drinking paint, scrambled to register the "Kung Fu" trademark, and its registration application resolution has been accepted by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and commerce

according to the notice of acceptance of trademark registration application provided by Beijing best fortune times Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd., Jiang Heping, general manager of Fuya coating company, applied for the registration of "Kung Fu" trademark in Category 2 of commodity service classification, which is mainly used for sterilized paint, varnish, primer, enamel and other commodities. Previously, popular films such as "no thief in the world", "ambush on all sides" and "green tea" have been rush registered. Some people have experienced "aesthetic fatigue" in the rush to register the famous trademarks of popular films, and it is not surprising to hear that "Kung Fu" has been rush registered as a paint trademark

however, Jiang He, general manager of Fuya coating company, 4.1 the number of cutting positions of samples should meet the provisions of technical conditions, but there is another explanation: "Business is business, and there are stars in it." Kung Fu "is definitely a hot and focused word at the end of this year, and it is also a marketing method of enterprises. In addition, our paint products do have their own set of real Kung Fu in terms of environmental protection and quality, such as the VOC of Fuya health paint is close to zero emissions, and the high scrubbing resistance of more than 10000 times." It is revealed that this kind of paint will be on the market in the near future and use the Kungfu trademark

in fact, it is by no means the Fuya paint family that is making a big fuss by virtue of the upcoming release of Kung Fu. For example, a TV series that is ready to be filmed is named Kung Fu, which gives people the first impression of the TV series version of Xingye's Kung Fu; There is also a newly established band named kungfu

some movie stars are very helpless about the phenomenon that popular films such as Kung Fu have been registered trademarks. At present, there is no "trademark registration" in film and television shooting, so film stars can't "defend their rights" for themselves. In the face of Kungfu bands, Kungfu TV series and Kungfu paint, relevant experts said, "this kungfu is not that kungfu. It's all because kungfu is too hot."

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