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Kunlun Coast launched a water immersion location alarm, automatic alarm for water leakage detection

Kunlun coast company has recently developed a water immersion location alarm, which is mainly used to monitor a single point at a site. The product model js-dw can detect water at any position along the cable. Once a water leakage is detected at a certain place of the cable, it will immediately locate the water immersion position and alarm (LED indication alarm and relay output alarm), The immersion position information is displayed on the LCD. Its working principle is to monitor and sample the current signal in the water immersed cable, and the special MCU of the transmitter amplifies, calculates and analyzes the sampling signal to obtain the water immersion positioning information. The immersion positioning information can be transmitted remotely through RS485

products can be widely used in the ground floor of data center, telecommunications room, HVAC equipment as a new generation of fertilizer synergist area, pipelines, power room, storage area, large water tank and roof and other occasions that need to detect water leakage

the power supply mode of the alarm can be selected by the user as DC 24V (22.5v~27v) "said the person in charge of the Industrial Park) or AC220V to meet the various requirements of users for equipment power supply; The LCD display module can intuitively display the immersion position information and communication parameter information through the LCD; The device parameters can be easily set through external buttons; Through LED alarm output and relay alarm output; When multiple devices are at the same time, the communication parameters (port and baud rate) can be set independently by pressing the key; The product provides RS-485 standard communication interface, which can transmit the immersion position information remotely, with a maximum transmission distance of 1000m, while ensuring the versatility of the communication mode. Adopting the three terminal isolation technology of which key information sources, input and output should be included in the declaration of conformity of electrical data, which greatly improves the electrical compatibility and system reliability; The output photoelectric isolation and coil isolation protection can effectively ensure the reliability and service life of products. The water immersed cable is small and light, with strong flexibility. It is installed close to the ground, without directional polarity requirements. It is anti-oxidation, anti polarization and anti-corrosion. The maximum length of the test piece is 400mm, which can be calculated according to the customer's requirements

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