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KUKA intelligent robot performs efficient industrial packaging

the 22nd China International Packaging Industry Exhibition was grandly held in the China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall (zone a) in Guangzhou from March 9 to 11, 2015. KUKA, the world's top industrial robot manufacturer, brought three products to the exhibition this time to demonstrate the excellent and efficient industrial packaging experience brought by intelligent robots, and a wonderful interpretation of KUKA's products and automation solutions that lead the innovation and development of global industrial robots as a world-class robot manufacturer

the booth design of KUKA robot company is unique in this international packaging industry exhibition. On the 108 square meter booth whose main color is orange, the booth is constructed into a gorgeous robot world through a prominent sense of design, which fully demonstrates the infinite innovation of KUKA company. At the core of the exhibition area, KUKA company exhibited three applications related to industrial packaging, including: a destacking robot Kr PA and a Kr 120 r3200 PA (KR Quantec), which jointly complete the stacking and destacking applications of beverages; Two Kr 6 R900 Sixx robots, one showing the application of pouring beer and the other showing the application of grabbing

Kongbing, CEO of KUKA robot (Shanghai), said: product packaging, as one of the important links affecting the brand awareness of products and further expanding safety and consumer behavior, is playing an unprecedented important role. Intelligent and flexible automation solutions play a positive role in solving the challenges faced in the product packaging process. In addition to the packaging machine with automatic format setting function, efficient robots have long been used as a pillar force in the field of food production. As the leader of industrial robot manufacturing, KUKA always adheres to the concept of sustainable development and scientific and technological innovation. As the most important market of KUKA robot in the Asia Pacific region, China is committed to serving the Chinese market for a long time. We hope to create greater value for our customers through our technology and products

designed for high-standard stacking operations

the KUKA destacking robot Kr PA, which shows the application of stacking and destacking, is light, fast, powerful, with a load of 300 kg and a maximum range of 3150mm. It is a product designed and developed for the food packaging industry with high speed and high load

another highlight in the display is KUKA Kr Quantec destacking robot. As the most compact product of its kind, it has unparalleled power and is always right. It is specially designed for high-standard stacking operations. With its power and kinetic energy, it can perform high-altitude stacking operations of multiple pallets without problems. KR Quantec destacking robot has unparalleled power density, a maximum working range of 3195 mm and a load capacity from 120 kg to 240 kg of double knife manual broaching machine from Jinan testing machine factory. It is faster, more accurate and more efficient than all similar destacking Robots before, which has never been achieved so far. Its slender and weight saving structure can achieve higher dynamic performance, shorter operation cycle and more output. In addition, due to its exquisite base and small floor area, the working space required by the robot is minimized

with its unique variety and excellent quality assurance, KUKA provides the best customized solution for the needs of each operation. KUKA's robot can complete some industries that are the focus of the plan, and will benefit from all operations such as loading, unloading, cardboard packaging, labeling, palletizing, and goods assembly in the medium and long term. Even if it is special, it can also close some requirements with high antiquity and equipment, and it can cope with it freely

wonderful experience of exotic culture

in terms of booth design, KUKA not only prepared mellow German beer to lead visitors to enjoy the relaxed German beer culture, but also carefully arranged KUKA Kr 6 R900 Sixx (KR agilus) small robot to serve as a waiter. Through its flexible, efficient and accurate work, visitors can personally experience the product characteristics and excellent quality of KUKA robot

kr agilus robot series is a new member of KUKA small robot family. As a leader in the load level of 6kg, KUKA Kr agilus series robots have an action radius of about 901 mm. They are designed for extremely high operation speed, with excellent characteristics of extremely high accuracy and speed. They can be installed on the ground, ceiling or wall, and are used to complete picking, handling, and transportation in a very short period of time Stacking and unloading tasks

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