On the freshness of milk packaging

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With the continuous growth of milk consumption in Chinese consumption, the preservation of milk packaging has also attracted people's attention. According to market research, Tetra Pak packaging products have accounted for more than 60% of many fresh milk products, of which Tetra Pak pillows account for about 1/2 of Tetra Pak packaging products. The proportion of other packaging is gradually shrinking. Why is Tetra Pak so popular? According to the relevant person of Yili Group, Tetra Pak packaging belongs to sterile paper packaging. This material can be cooled by sweat evaporation, which can be divided into many types, such as Tetra Pak bags, Tetra Pak extra pillows, Tetra Pak bricks, etc. Tetra Pak paper packaging material used by Tetra Pak timing for pillow packaging of measurement system is made of composite materials with 7 layers of protection. It can block the impact of air, light and other factors on the quality of milk. The shelf life can reach 45 days at room temperature. Some Tetra Pak brick packaging can make the shelf life of milk reach

to 8 months. The packaging adopts this instantaneous ultra-high temperature sterilization method and Tetra Pak aseptic filling process, so that the milk can be kept fresh at room temperature, which is safe, hygienic and very convenient, and the pure natural taste of milk can be well preserved. It has certain advantages in waste recycling and treatment, because the paper itself is clean and environmental friendly. Tetra Pak packaging is the most commonly used soft packaging in the world today. Because the current domestic market is less active than the packaging of drinks and milk in the international market, Tetra Pak controls 75% of the global market share of soft packaging. Since it entered China in the 1980s, Tetra Pak has become the largest supplier of soft packaging in China. As the first dairy enterprise in China to introduce Tetra Pak filling machine, the production and sales of Tetra Pak packaging products have exceeded 5billion packages

source: rural science and technology in China

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