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On the front page, Volkswagen praised Lingong group's intelligent manufacturing

on the front page, Volkswagen praised Lingong group's intelligent manufacturing

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an independent excavator driving seat is installed in the spacious exhibition hall. The driver sits in it, holds the joystick, stares at the three TV screens in front of the seat, and starts construction. In the outdoor exhibition area hundreds of meters away, the excavator cab was empty, but the manipulator smoothly completed a series of actions, such as shoveling, lifting, loading and so on. On November 17, at the 2019 Linyi on-site exchange meeting to promote high-quality development, the 5g remote control driving system exhibited by Lingong group was particularly eye-catching

"as long as it is covered by 5g network, our system can work well, and remote control construction can be realized thousands of miles away." The technician of the temporary engineering group told 6.1.2 to calculate the ear making rate: the operation delay of this frequency set system can be controlled within 150 milliseconds, while the time for a person to blink an eye is 300 milliseconds. At the same time, the 3D display technology adopted by the system can ensure that the driver's observation of the construction site has no dead corner

drivers who use remote control technology to carry out construction operations are complacent, but the process of developing this system is not so easy. The technology R & D area not far from the exhibition hall is the three R & D platforms of virtual design, simulation analysis and remote data collection created by Lingong group

In August, Lingong Zhike project, founded by Lingong group with an investment of 500million yuan, started construction in Linyi Economic and Technological Development Zone. The project comprehensively uses 5g, IOT, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies to build an industrial interconnection platform and develop information applications covering the whole process of the production line, including AGV series, intelligent production line, information system and other products, so as to create a complete set of intelligent manufacturing solutions with excellent performance price ratio for global customers

"Lingong group has always given outsiders the impression that it is an equipment manufacturing enterprise, but relying on strong R & D capabilities, we have developed a new business segment of industrial automation integrated solutions. From selling equipment to selling 'solutions', Lingong group has found a new growth point." Before 2017, we only provided services within the group. So far, our service scope has spread across many industries, creating a value of more than 10 billion

relying on the intelligent technology innovation experience of Lingong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Linyi City has decided to take the lead of Lingong group, cooperate with domestic well-known universities and scientific research institutions to build Linyi intelligent manufacturing joint innovation center, promote the "Lingong plan", and improve the intelligent manufacturing level of Linyi manufacturing enterprises. Adler believes that to build a national innovative intelligent manufacturing city. This new manufacturing enterprise innovation and entrepreneurship community will greatly enhance the scientific research and innovation ability of industrial enterprises in Linyi City and accelerate the high-quality development of the city

with the "engine" of innovation, the new business sector of Lingong group is booming, and the traditional main industry of construction machinery manufacturing is also reborn. Lingong group has developed into a large construction machinery group with the largest market share of loaders in the world and the top four in the excavator industry in China. At present, it is firmly grasping the main direction of intelligent manufacturing to improve the resource and environmental costs of enterprise production and operation, focusing on made in China 2025, benchmarking with German industry 4.0, comprehensively implementing the "integration of industrialization and industrialization" and accelerating the construction of intelligent factories

on November 27, the large excavator intelligent manufacturing line with a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan has been fully put into operation for more than half a year. At present, it has entered the state of full production, but few workers can be seen in such a large workshop. The automatic welding robot rolls around on the three meter long mechanical arm component, and the driverless vehicle slowly and uniformly transports the welded parts to the next construction platform. The welding automation rate of this production line has reached 80%, reaching a leading level in the industry. It is expected that by 2025, automation, digitization, networking and intelligence will be fully realized, and a truly intelligent chemical plant will be built

focusing on the transformation of kinetic energy makes the enterprise develop rapidly. This year, Lingong Group signed a deepening cooperation agreement with Volvo Construction equipment. The two sides will further deepen cooperation in fields such as medium and large excavators, implement new production capacity layout and market layout around the world, and accelerate profitable business growth. During the year, it won the European Quality Award, the world's highest quality award, and became the first enterprise in our province and the only enterprise in the domestic construction machinery industry to win this honor. It won world praise for Chinese enterprises, entered the world's leading ranks on behalf of the manufacturing level and management level of Chinese enterprises, and set an example for enterprises in the province and the industry. At the same time, Lingong group was selected into the list of United Nations procurement suppliers and won orders for thousands of construction machinery in Russia

"we have formulated a new development plan against the world's leading enterprises, determined the strategic positioning of 'world vision, international standards, temporary characteristics and high-quality development', focused on the '5+1' product line of construction machinery, and achieved product clustering, technological modernization, efficient management and market internationalization. We strive to achieve the goal of 100billion industrial cluster of construction machinery set by Linyi City in 3-5 years." Wang Zhizhong, chairman of Lingong group, said

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