On the focus of food packaging safety

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Talking about the focus of food packaging safety

with the enhancement of food safety awareness, food packaging, as an important means to ensure food safety and health, has received more and more attention. According to professionals, the focus of food packaging safety is in the following aspects:

understand the characteristics of food itself and the required protection conditions. We should strengthen the research on various factors that affect the main components of food, especially the sensitive factors that affect the nutritional components such as fat, protein and vitamins, including light, oxygen, temperature, microorganisms, physics, mechanics and other factors. Only by mastering the biological, chemical and physical characteristics and sensitive factors of the packaged food and determining the required protection conditions, can we determine what kind of packaging materials to choose and what kind of packaging technology to carry out the packaging operation, so as to achieve its protection function and appropriately extend its storage life

study and master the packaging performance, scope of application and conditions of packaging materials. There are many kinds of packaging materials with different properties. Therefore, only by understanding the packaging performance of various packaging materials and containers, can we choose packaging materials that can not only protect the flavor and quality of food, but also reflect its commodity value, and make comprehensive packaging a reasonable packaging material according to the protection requirements of packaged food

master relevant packaging techniques and methods. For a given food, in addition to selecting appropriate packaging and containers, the most appropriate packaging technology and methods should also be adopted. The same kind of food can often adopt different packaging technologies and methods to achieve the same or similar packaging requirements and effects. For example, for food that is easy to oxidize, vacuum or inflatable packaging can be used, and deoxidizer can also be sealed for packaging. However, sometimes in order to achieve the set requirements and effects, specific packaging technologies and methods must be adopted. The selection of packaging technology and method is closely related to the selection of packaging materials, as well as many factors such as the market positioning of packaged food

study and understand the market positioning and circulation regional conditions of commodities. The market positioning of commodities, the mode of transportation and the climatic and geographical conditions of the circulation area are the factors that must be considered in the design of food packaging. The packaging and decoration requirements of goods sold domestically and exported to different countries are different, and the protective requirements of packaging by different modes of transportation are also different. For food packaging, but the change of climate conditions in commodity circulation areas is very important, because temperature has a great impact on the chemical changes of internal components of food, food microorganisms and the barrier of its packaging materials

study and understand the overall structure of packaging and the impact of packaging materials on food. It is necessary to understand the migration of additives and other components in packaging materials to food, as well as the penetration and adsorption of some components in food into packaging containers. These conditions have a great impact on the quality of food in the circulation process

carry out reasonable packaging structure design and decoration design by applying pressure to the specimen with 10kN clamping force around. According to the protective requirements required by food, the packaging cost, packaging volume and other conditions are estimated, and the reasonable packaging design of the low temperature bending tensile strength failure strain tester of gold testing asphalt mixture is carried out. The design of container shape, pressure strength, structural form, size, sealing method and other aspects should be reasonable in structure, save materials, save transportation space and conform to the trend, and avoid excessive packaging and deceptive packaging. The packaging and decoration design should be compatible with the interior products, so that the trademark is eye-catching, the words are concise, the patterns are bright in color, full of visual impact, and can meet the preferences of the targeted consumer groups. Export commodities should pay attention to the national habits of consumer countries and avoid taboos of consumer groups

master the packaging test method. Qualified goods must have qualified packaging. In addition to testing the product itself, the packaging must also be tested. Only after passing the test can they enter the circulation field. There are many package inspection items, but not every package needs comprehensive inspection. For specific packaging, new product research and development has also become one of the effective ways for enterprises to occupy the market. Which tests should depend on the characteristics and sensitive factors of the inner food, the types of packaging materials and their national standards and regulatory requirements. For example, it is often necessary to measure the dissolution of the coating in the empty cans of canned food, the oxygen permeability of the packaging materials should be measured for deoxygenated packaging, and the water vapor permeability of the packaging materials should be measured for moisture-proof packaging

master packaging standards and regulations. The packaging operation shall strictly comply with national standards and regulations, and the export products shall also comply with the relevant standards and regulations of the importing country. Only in this way can we ensure the smooth progress of raw material supply, packaging operations, commodity circulation and international trade

with the opening of the market and the development of international trade, food packaging safety has been placed on the important agenda. The standardization and standardization of packaging production has become a general trend. Only by achieving standardization and standardization can China's food packaging be better in line with international standards, and packaging can become an important factor to help commodities go abroad and participate in international market competition


source: China Guomen times

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