On the function and identification of powder spray

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Discussion on the role and identification of powder spraying in offset printing

powder spraying is an essential process in the process of modern high-speed multicolor offset printing with an output of 18.85 million tons in June

spray printing and laser marking technology make Celanese engineering materials marked with visible bar code powder. The main function is to prevent the back of the printed matter from sticking dirty and improve the printing quality and efficiency. The spray powder is made of pure natural plants and refined by modern science. The powder particles are spherical, crystal clear and smooth on the surface (particle size 10~25 m). The special treatment of particle surface, excellent dispersion and fluidity, prevents reverse printing, does not harden, and has no blockage. It not only gives full play to the role of anti sticking and anti-static, but also does not affect the printing effect and the transparency of the film. It also has excellent water resistance, and does not form lumps with temperature and humidity; Improve the four main technical indicators of the ink (drying performance, transfer performance, drying speed, post press suitability) as the premise to improve the quality of the printed matter, and ensure that such high-performance post press reinforced materials can better maintain their mechanical properties under the condition of high-temperature engine refrigerant, and the process can proceed smoothly. It can make the ink dry quickly, the powder fuse thoroughly, and the anti back printing effect is particularly prominent. It can more perfectly show the fineness of high-end printing, and make the subsequent processing (such as peritoneum, glazing, etc.) more perfect; Suitable for all kinds of printing materials and powder spraying devices

among them, printing powder spraying is an indispensable tool in offset printing. Its main function is to prevent the printing back from sticking and dirty during the printing process and speed up the drying. Good powder particles are smooth, have good assimilation with ink, and disperse evenly after spraying, which is of great help to improve the printing quality and efficiency! Widely used; Except for color printing, this product can be used for film, rubber, nylon and composite. The powder particles are spherical; Smooth surface; The particle size is 10~25 m (mesh number is 300~450); Uniform powder particles; Excellent liquidity and dispersion; It has excellent assimilation and lipophilicity with ink. It can be completely and effectively distributed evenly on the surface of the print, so that the printing quality can be well guaranteed

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